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  1. Now 5 days later the package addressed to Stadtler has not moved, nor has Stadtler received a notice in the post about this package. Where is this Bangkok Mail Centre? There are no drugs or contraband for Thailand in the package. Where would Stadtler have to go to get his package and what is involved with customers when they "hold" a package? Normally packages are delivered to Stadtler's post office and Stadtler gets a notice from the mailman to come pay and pick up the package.
  2. If you can rephrase this trolling statement, Stadtler will respond. "For someone pretending to be both a doctor and a lawyer, you seem to lack the sense of precision which is fundamental to these professions. "
  3. Stadtler has found that anything scribbled on paper is acceptable. Stadtler drew a game of hangman on his and it wasn't noticed.
  4. Stadtler sometimes comes up with a funny response, even though it was not Stadtler's intention.
  5. It has been suggested by some, that Stadtler should run against Biden and Trump. Stadtler is intrigued by this idea and is thinking about starting an exploratory committee. How would you vote?
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