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  1. The technology for jet engines was stolen from the Brits, Sir Frank Whittle invented it and the Americans patented it. Same as the TV invented by John Logie Baird.
  2. You mean the same as Vietnam? Now which country is the preferred destination for expats and tourists now? Vietnam or Thailand?
  3. For most people McCarthyism and reds under the beds disappeared with the last millennium. You really need to move on.
  4. How many times has the US tried this and failed in numerous countries? Time to stop meddling in other people's politics. You really want another 9/11?
  5. One Thai tourism official has put it out there, he's a nobody looking for his 15 minutes of fame. Ask ai Anutin and Prayut and you would get a very different take on it.
  6. No its called a civilised society. As an American, you won't have experienced that.
  7. The feeling by most people in the UK is disgust. My daughter and her husband are frontline healthcare workers in the UK. The feel that he has undermined all their good work. Most healthcare workers feel the same. Others think that if this nomark can ride roughshod over the rules, why can't they? Only the hard right Brexiteer spoonies brigade are feebly trying to defend him and even they are struggling.
  8. Not even golf. People don't come to Thailand for 2 weeks to play golf. Its the perfect excuse to give their wives in their home country. Golf is secondary, its the nighttime activities that bring them here.
  9. You can, Repatriation flights for most countries have been available throughout and still are.
  10. Yes self quarantine, which is monitored. Not heard about hotels being an option. However if your name's Dominic Cummings you can do what the <deleted> you like. I am in the situation where I need to return to the UK. THe problem for me isn't getting to the UK but getting back into Thailand when I return.
  11. Its already here: " All hail Man United All hail Ole Gunnar Solskjær Our Lord and Saviour" Believe.
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