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  1. Hi Crossy, This post is basically documenting history... where we were at about a month ago. I'll put together another post soon, but to spoil it a little - new builder, and new plans that solve our issues. I am learning each step as I go. Making these posts so future falang homebuilders can decide which to follow and which to skip
  2. We started building a house (on paper) with a builder in Kalasin. We had a two story design that we were working through. Here is a beautiful 3D rendering of what the house would look like. <Front view - 3D rendering - บ้านพี่สร1.JPG> We kept struggling with the floor plan to get it right (what my wife and I wanted). My wife wanted a Hong Pra and private bathrooms for all the bedrooms. I wanted a big open floorplan downstairs with a small bedroom downstairs (for me when I can't do stairs). <Initial Plans> It was basically a struggle to get things done and we did not feel like we were getting many ideas from the builder. I hired an Architect here in America and he came up with some great ideas which we implemented in the plans. <Example feedback> We ended up with this design after a couple months of back and forth. <Final Plans> Our main issues with this design was the poles in the middle of open rooms downstairs and the clunky flow to everything. The more we struggled, the more we could not get it right. We can do better... Attachments: 3D rendering of house - front view Initial Plans - two page PDF American Architect feedback - just an example of three of the pages "Final Plans" - as far as we took them with this builder
  3. I was introduced to another option for building walls in my house. I was planning on double layer AAC. The builder sent this to me, with some installation pictures from a house they recently built. Does anyone have any experience with this type of wall? Are the thermal properties any good? Pros/Cons? Much thanks!
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