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  1. I'm surprised the Thai baht is not gaining substantially against the major currencies. They're not printing money here (aka quantitative easing) as they are in the USA, Europe and Australia. It could happen that the Treasury Department will have to devalue the baht in the near future. Mass protesting has just started, so it will take some time to determine its effect on the baht. How the government is going to respond is still uncertain.
  2. Tried looking at it with my glasses on - still not a big gathering.
  3. Sad but true. You'll have to search the international media and Facebook for information on some of the most significant events in Thailand.
  4. I'd say he's seriously wants to lose it. Having the energy and motivation to do it is another matter. Laziness is a vicious cycle... the fatter you get, the less energy you have, so you can get to the point of no return. I would say, looking at his gut, he's at that point now that if he doesn't get motivated, he'll never lose it... not to mention that as he ages the job becomes increasingly more difficult.
  5. Having money is part of the problem. He doesn't have much incentive to keep working hard as he would have in his early years - he's been there, done that. Having said that, a shave, haircut, and a strict diet would soon knock him back into shape.
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