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  1. Yes, the half that don't have much to do with the tourist business and with no ability to understand economics. Try such a poll in Pattaya or Phuket and see what the number are.
  2. Numbers are important for you, then they aren't... make up your mind.
  3. There is no "monsoon" season in Pattaya. The most rain falls in August to October, but not monsoon rain.
  4. Not according to Mr Fauci himself: Mar 22,2020, 7:35 PM Q: How are you managing to not get fired? A: Well, that’s pretty interesting because to [Trump’s] credit, even though we disagree on some things, he listens. He goes his own way. He has his own style. But on substantive issues, he does listen to what I say. https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2020/03/i-m-going-keep-pushing-anthony-fauci-tries-make-white-house-listen-facts-pandemic
  5. OK, how about 99% of all deaths, or should we blame bungling Democratic idiots instead?
  6. The virus was already in the US and spreading by December at the latest. It was always going to be too late. Trump is advised by top virologists and THEY told him a lockdown was not necessary. You should be vilifying them, not Trump.
  7. They're thinking it. Where will they come from? They have always taken tourists for granted. The health minister had spent the earlier part of the pandemic insulting them. They probably think if they open up international travel they will be busting down the arrival gates. More to the point is whether any airline will be able to run at low capacity, bringing in only a few tourists. All the major airlines are either broke, or close to it. The price of tickets is going to soar, and Thailand is a low budget destination, irrespective of all their talk about quality tourists. If ticket prices are very high, there's even less chance of an influx.
  8. The comment has been made by a number of people here that Trump is responsible for all deaths.
  9. Apologies and corrected. 35% of the US total deaths were in New Jersey and New York. (please delete your comment).
  10. They think that opening up will facilitate an influx of tourists? Where will they come from?
  11. You were talking about deaths and all the poor souls who passed away. I gave you these facts. Deaths: New Jersey: 15,603 New York: 32,393 Total: 47,669 US total: 137,403 Percentage of US total deaths: 34.49% at the hands of Democrats. Don't panic about Florida, Texas and Arizona just yet. Mortality rate: New York: 7.5% New Jersey: 8.63% Texas 1.24% Arizona: 1.4% Florida 1.6% Citing the number of infected is really a meaningless statistic unless it includes the percentage of the population that has been tested. The number of deaths is a better measure, although not perfect due classification issues regarding cause of death. Please, stick to facts.
  12. You should also find another source of news. Most of the bungling, and deaths were presided over by Democratic Governors and mayors. 35% of all deaths were in the states of New York and New Jersey. Add in the other Democratic states and you'll have an incredibly high percentage of deaths at the hands of bungling Democrats.
  13. You should take a break from CNN, MSNBC and other Democratic mouth pieces. We hear this b s every day. Enough already. Most of the bungling was at the hands of Democratic Governors and mayors, who ran their own show.
  14. I shouldn't have started as I didn't really want to have a debate with a woke health nut. I used to be a health nut myself who worried about everything I ate, and I'm well aware of the chemical contamination of food, including chicken. You called fried chicken "junk food". but going by your collected knowledge of chemical contaminants in food, virtually all food is junk food. Certainly you would label everything I put in my mouth as "junk food" because I don't even buy "organic" at ridiculous prices. The stress from worry about all these chemicals in the foods we eat will probably cause more health issues than just eating it and enjoying it. I feel better now than in the days I used to care. Let's make it simple. Only deep fry organic, chemical free chicken. Happy now? Perhaps you're a vegetarian and you call all meat "junk food", no matter how it is raised? Even if the chicken is organic, you'd probably say that all deep fried food is bad.
  15. JensenZ


    A "kefir scoby" and a "kefir grain" is one and the same. I don't know who started calling them "scoby" (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeasts)... maybe to appear more scientific, but the common name is "kefir grains". They don't need to be made, so there's no need to call them "ready made". They are always made and how they were first made is an unsolved mystery from thousands of years, When you mentioned "ready made" I immediately assumed it was ready made drinking kefir as you can purchase from supermarkets.
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