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  1. they dont stop anyone entering the island, drove back on last thrusday
  2. the old road was built way before i moved to kamala and i moved over from patong in 96 cant recall when they built the new road but the old road was there ages before as used to drive up the coast form 85 on..... It Richard?? LOL
  3. well for 9 years i ran the phuket food shopping guide back in the 87'-96 speak thai and knew phuket very well, BUT i now get lost whenever i drive thru Rawai from the back way>> so much development an for me it and kata are tourist ghettos still now, only know i dont know
  4. 117,600 doses 65 million people. yea thats going to make a big dent in vaccinating the population...LOL
  5. ahh so its whose been here the longest LOL ok, i moved to phuket in 85, so what? does that make me an expert? NOPE PS: no road to Karon, BUT there was the old road to Kamala
  6. i prefer kamala, one of the main reasons is many of the locals that live here were born here and everyone looks out for everyone>> once they know ur staying they can be very friendly. Add in the beach, the restaurants on the beach, Big C, Tesco, Supercheap, bars, ( for those that need a drink), plenty of 7/11's, a few preschools and various choices of accommodations Wherever you are, you're never more than a 5 minute motorcycle ride from the center of town and beach To each their own>>> PS: I do not think its the best beach and am d
  7. borrowed a extra smart phone from a friend and put the mor channa app on it dont want take the chance of being refused boarding I have zero need for a smart phone and have no idea about QR codes and such>
  8. BUT NO deaths in Cambodia so whats the big deal? so what if a few people get sick
  9. wow this puts a whole new spin on things, I assumed I, ( now it seems incorrectly) that they are half thai> living in thailand If at their age in and currently in an international school and not being able to speak thai they wont survive a thai school. They need to be taught in english. How will they transition to a HS or university in Holland if they dont have the background subjects? MY daughter did years 3-12 at an international school and went on to university in the states with no problem, I'd hate to think how she would have even passed the sat tests without the internationa
  10. what app? Please I am installing thailand plus BUT it ask for a reference id and coe code: I live here>>> so what do i enter??
  11. Failure of Web Server bridge: No backend server available for connection: timed out after 10 seconds or idempotent set to OFF or method not idempotent.
  12. as above do i need borrow a smart phone, ( i dont own one) an put an app on it to fly from Phuket to Bangkok and back? which app?
  13. are your kids thai? and ur planning on them living and staying in Thailand? other wise ur cheating them by not giving them a western education Even in the international schools, thai is taught/required schools more than just speaking english as i am sure you know
  14. Best beach? what criteria goes into choosing best? i had my daughter at BIS and than at QSI 2004-2012 the 60 kms drive/day was worth living in Kamala Its a village, ( 75% of the pople thta live here were born here) there is a sense of community, there are enough restaurants, bars, markets, choices for food etc that you dont need leave. Beach is nice ( ok, its not layan beach) BUT i prefer it cause there are trees you can sit under to get out of the sun, Restaurants on the beach. Looking from sea, the "resorts" cant even be seen, something one cant say about Patong LOL the
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