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  1. true, but your visa exempt time is up. Make plans to head home or suffer the consequences if you dont arrange a valid extension before end of Sept US and Australia have already announced they will NOT issue any letters for extensions.
  2. P-Valley pole dancers in a strip club in Mississippi what more would ya want??
  3. other than a few 7/11's an massage places, nothing open in Bang Tao 90% of hotels/resorts closed I drove thru last thursday
  4. opening land borders for migrants is indeed a sign of positive movement but I doubt many migrants will be moving over to work, after paying 20,000++ baht for legal L-A visa, wp's and some going onto debt to do so, they wont be able to afford 14 days quarantine with no salary
  5. move to kamala, 80% of restaurants,shops, bars open..Great deals on the few hotels/resorts open
  6. afaik; there is no law that says any farang cant move anywhere in Thailand, file a new TM 30 and apply for an extension there There is no way to tell if an agent arranged it or not, although i am sure some officials are not stupid
  7. if an agent can arrange a extension without a bank book this year, why would it be any different next year? My plans were screwed cause i had intended on traveling to Penang and getting a 1 year NON O visa last month as you only need show 800,000 in the bank the day you apply BUT covid ruined that idea
  8. fyi; 90 % of Bang Tao is closed, as is Patong, including most Hotels/resorts Kata/Karon 75% closed Phuket town, Rawai, Kamala 80% open, except for many big resorts/hotels when will they open? when tourists are allowed back in, till than..... Its great here, no traffic, no mini bus's, no tour bus's, no lines Love it
  9. Grace split from the Main business and set up her own business using the same name Thai visa Centre The official thai visa center is located in the Pretium in BangNa NOT the address reported as where the police arrested, "Grace" All extensions / visas were issued with official receipts, official stamps, official signatures and the 90 day reports are official, coming from a computer with the bar code, ( sure they could all be fake in these days, so could anything but.....) The are still open, still responding to emails and on FB> make of it what you want, but i feel they are 2 separate bushiness and only "grace"is involved in illegal activities. fromTVC if they used fake stamps,fake sigs,etc why would they keep this up? no reason ,no upside.they would just disappear .. Carry on with ur wild accusations
  10. one question; if the report is true, why are they replying in fb all is ok and being up front about ,"grace"? ," if you go to immigration they will tell you that your visa is valid. All visas we have issued are valid." there would be no benefit in that<<<
  11. also ,thai visa center provided receipt from immigration. 1,900 for visa 3,800 for multi rentry 90 day report done with computer print out with bar code
  12. do it 15 days ( august 15th) BEFORE its due online https://extranet.immigration.go.th/fn90online/online/tm47/TM47Action.do
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