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  1. do the Chinese need quarantine for 14 days if they travel to Japan or South Korea? If not. well that answers why their going there.
  2. suggest you call everyone you can find using duck duck go, Am sure there a few in Chalong as far as Patong and Kamala, I have seen zero open ones
  3. never have i seen it not say "not secure. but obviously you figured out to ignore....and procced if ur getting the message "go to immigration..... Than you need go
  4. you'd need an agent that is physically near you as you can ONLY do your 90 day at the office ur extension is issued, same goes for your tm30 its a 2,000 baht fine ( or in Phuket 1,000 and no receipt)
  5. fyi; tourist visas are available>>> but......... still need quarantine,
  6. with a 1 year extension , if you leave you need a re entry permit which will expire the day ur visa, (current extension ) expires. So if ur extension expires the 19th, (the re entry expires as well) and you return the 18th, go direct to immigration, do not pass go and make sure ur bank balance is right I have heard of 60 day before expiration with proof of why you need go, but never longer As to quarantine, nobody knows what feb will be like
  7. AFAIK < ONLY pattaya ask for ur bank book to verify you have the 800,000 still there> an even that has nothing to do with ur 90 day report Otherwise do it online and no question about bank book
  8. being selfish i know, But i love it here now
  9. never use a lawyer: 1st; go ask at your immigration!!! as many have different rules IF you have the 800,000 in the bank for 2 months or can show at least 4-6 months of deposits/transfers into ur thai bank from overseas (1st time application) before the date of ur application..... do it yourself. 1,900 baht If for whatever reason u cant do the financials ,, use thai visa center FYI: a multiple re entry permit for tvc is 4,000 baht, do it yourself for 3,800 Dont forget your tm30 needs be done
  10. complain all you want, BUT Thailand currently is the ONLY country out of Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Burma, Laos and Cambodia that is offering a tourist visa. Before you can run, you must learn to walk
  11. <deleted>>>>>> did he think perhaps his life might have been in danger? they hold those classes in front of the intercontinental seems just about every afternoon> what the big deal?? thats where the jet skis are now, also the para sail boats, ( just came out a few days ago) not to mention they have been renting surfboards there for months
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