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  1. this is NOT for the working middle class. its for the many many (there easily 2,000 that holiday3-4months in Phuket every winter that own condos,villas etc) and those for whatever reason ( those on retirement extensions)that have not been able to get back I bet it will work an i HOPE that after a few months thailand will start to get back to visa exempts an regular tourist visas with ONLY a covid free test.
  2. FYI a friend of mines dad just applied for, and got a 3 month no o, converted from a visa exempt entry from back in March 18,000 baht, no bank book needed, didn't need visit immigration if he wants to than add a 1 year extension it would cost 14,000 baht more Used Grace at thai visa....on my recommendation. IN Phuket, you need a non immigrant visa to open a bank account. SO if you have the 800,000, use an agent for your 90 day non O an than get your 1 year extension on your own ( 1,900 baht)
  3. make sure u check how far you are for the beach at Nai harn, as i recall, no condos near the beach ( less than 1 kms) lots of ones inland, built on what was 10 years ago, buffalo paddys To each their own>>>> FYI: on my morning bicycle ride aorund kamala, saw signs for at least 10 houses and lots of empty condos
  4. he just turned 72 and has been here 34 years I have been living in Kamala since 96, ( in Phuket since 85), yea its changed, yea miss the buffaloes at sunset an the many thais on the beach in the late afternoon, (after the Tsunami it all changed) but.....so what? Its still a great place to live and its a true community, not like the other beach towns Would you advise him to move to Patong, Karon or Kata beach?
  5. always interested n books on Thailand BUT this one does not arouse my interest at all
  6. divers back in the day, was on Surin beach he now has a bar in kamala still saving lives PS: why would someone wish/chose to sit and watch expats drinking??
  7. used "Grace" back in June and last week did my 90 day report online rather than pay her 500 baht. everything above board an very pleased...:-) As jack said,makes no sense, an extension is neither o or o-a IF ur initial visa was a NON O-A, ur gong to need insurance, if it was NON O, no insurance.
  8. +++cheap accommodation in CT? where? and no beach in chern talay, (unless you mean Laguna/Layan or Bang Tao) Kamala has a good beach, (no west coast beaches are truly "clean" this time of year) enough bars with expats drinking daily, 8 ( or is it 9 now) 7/11's, restaurants and supermarkets open that you dont really need head over the hills more than once a week Lots of affordable accommodation; houses an condos from 10,000... Hotels from 6,000/month
  9. ur seriously joking>>i lived there in 2008/09 and travel often as have a Khmer gf living with me here in Phuket> Cambodia offers nothing close to what Thailand offers tourists other than Angkor wat ( 100% worth seeing once) an overbuilt dirty capital city and a few provincial places. Beyond that, yep, cheap beer, cigs, easily obtained visas and work as second rate english teachers and cheap western food for the backpacker crowds. PLUS of course Kampot where all the yuppies are now seemingly traveling to now that the Chinese have overtaken Shianoukvile. Islands have already been ruined as well.
  10. FYI: this tourist via is aimed at those that have been unable to return to Thailand yet have wife's, family, Homes, condos here Must be at least 1,000 of those living on phuket island alone. its NOT for ur average fly in stay 3 weeks fly out tourists
  11. so 1,200/month, apply at embassy in advance and get a number? "ah sorry sir, but the earliest we have a opening for you is jan 2022" LOL lets out most of the western world, Europe, USA, Brazil, India, Australia, Korea, Welcome the Chinese...
  12. from Richard Barrow; What airline will fly in with less than 100 people? Will they run a lottery as to which airlines can fly every other day? Only fly into Bangkok and quarantine in a Bangkok Hotel? Phuket is a no go now? How many "tourists" will wish a 3 month holiday when the average stay is still less than 30 days Sorry, cant see this working
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