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  1. Because they want to avoid social gatherings especially when people start to drink at night.
  2. Chinese males could look for sex or brides in other countries. Because of their one child policy there are much more males than females in China. The question is what all the lonely males will do - at least those with enough money to travel.
  3. Even some bars are open already and nobody cares.
  4. My condo had a safe already when I bought it. I never would put any valuables in it. It is the first place where burglars will look. And it gets especially useless if they force you to open it.
  5. It is not a very old aircon - just a big and powerful one that you can mount on the ceiling or on the wall. You can see similar aircons like this for instance in 7-Eleven shops. The biofilm has nothing to do with the age of an aircon. You can have it at a completely new one. I have several aircons and this one is the only one with this problem. The reason is that it runs a lot and so it never gets dry.
  6. It is not about Hong Kong. It is about power and China is in an extremely good position. Before they copied western technology. Today they buy the companies and so the technology. Trump is extremely busy to get re-elected since he was elected. This seems to be the only thing he cares about. And Europe (the EU) is a strange union of countries - a very stupid construction by obviously stupid people... I think that China will win.
  7. Look that they haven't been frozen before. A bad sign is liquid in the tray.
  8. I think the police does not care much at night. There are many places that developed a special nightlife already like Soi Buakhao and nobody seems to care. Just don't step on the beach or sit there! But I am not sure if this is enforced at nighttime.
  9. Many Farangs have been victims of romance scams and nobody ever cared. Obviously it only gets punished if a lady is scammed...
  10. Look where and at what price you can get replacement filters before you buy! In respect of repairs. The repair of my Electrolux vacuum cleaner was finished by Electrolux after 3 months already...
  11. No problem. They get a visa for 2 weeks and after arrival they have to stay 2 weeks in quarantine before they can fly back.
  12. This doesn't make sense anymore. In Soi Buakhao many people are sitting and drinking every night at this Tree Town area and nobody cares. But these few people end up even in the news.
  13. I asked them how much later you can come - they said some days are not a problem. A clear number of days I could not find out. Only that if you are outside Thailand at this 90 day date then you can do it when you come back.
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