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  1. A couple of months ago I needed only 1 certificate for the car and could use a copy for the bike. I could pick the certificate up after about 1 hour and I paid for it. But up to them how long it will take. The rest of your questions I don't know (anymore).
  2. Yes, there is a big misunderstanding. The vaccination doesn't protect 100 percent and not forever.
  3. Even if you start to vaccinate the people it will take very long to vaccinate all of them. And if the vaccination works only for a couple of month vaccinated people will lose the protection again. So it might be an endless procedure with no guarantee that the virus will disappear completely. Perhaps I don't see it optimistic enough - could be.
  4. Why to vaccinate millions of people if there are almost no cases anymore?
  5. Is see this here in Pattaya. Often they don't stop anyway and so many such traffic lights are switched off. They just need to install a camera there and take pictures of the violators and fine them. Could bring a lot of income. In front of the Pattaya City Police Station on the Beach Road is a pedestrian crossing with traffic lights. In addition to the traffic lights sometimes a police man tries to stop the traffic when the lights are red...
  6. "He urged people not to gether in large groups and to continue wearing masks." As shown in entertainment venues every night... "He urged people to report gatherings where people were not wearing masks to the authorities so that warnings could be issued. " Simply walk around and look yourself. I don't understand this concept here anymore. Is there any?
  7. I have the Galaxy S7 Plus. Recently updated to Android 11. Perhaps you need to update it?
  8. I did the hearing test and all frequencies (according to my age) were okay. The reason for mine is not too much noise. There could be many reasons - nerves, blood vessels or whatever. Nobody knows for sure or he is lying... I got used to it and if it is not there sometimes I somehow miss it because it is so quiet.
  9. From my personal experience - don't waste any money. There is no cure. Try to live with it. I have luck and it doesn't disturb me much even if it is sometimes very noisy. I have always to think something and so no time to focus on it. Some days I don't have it and I realise by accident that it is not there. No doctor ever could explain to me why it is not there sometimes. How could they ever explain to me why I have it at all.
  10. If YOU don't see it then it doesn't mean that it isn't there. https://thethaiger.com/news/bangkok/bangkok-visa-agent-arrested-for-fake-extensions https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30392449?utm_source=homepage_hilight&utm_medium=internal_referral
  11. My goodness. What a boring live. A driver for his children. And now it will get even more boring. At least on the weekend he has two days off. But what is unclear is on February 24th he went at 15:20 to the hospital. So who picked up the children at 15:30? Didn't want to ask where HE got Corona...
  12. 9 dogs obviously born by the same female dog. And these 9 dogs will create more dogs and... How should this end?
  13. If you want one like this then look that you can open it with a key too. Not only batteries can fail. The electronic could fail too.
  14. If you connect your phone with an USB cable to the computer it should be shown as drive and you can do everything you can do with a drive. If it does not work then let us know.
  15. I guess he wanted to replace the lock. Perhaps he never saw such a lock before. Google would have been your friend too.
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