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  1. I am a lucky person. This can't happen to me. I always buy lottery tickets that don't win.
  2. But many bars still do business as usual. I even see balloon parties. The only unusual thing is that there are almost no customers. There are exceptions - mostly depending on the booze prices. Why should you pay 60 Baht for a beer if you can get it for 50 or 40. And there are also these miracle bars. They had no customers even before Corona and are still open every night.
  3. "Rescue staff said it was the first attack in the area this year after a foreign boy was attacked last year." And nothing was learned...
  4. The Central Banks with their low and even negative interest rates want that the people drown in debt. They should buy and consume. It started already with Greenspan and the housing bubble and the following banking crisis. This "guru" was always talking about the "wealth effect" that he creates with his low interest rates. And the Central Banks didn't learn anything out of this. Yes, they create a wealth effect - but not for the credit slaves.
  5. At such times with Covid the people need dreams and hope. I can't recall a time here with so many project ideas. I think after Covid most projects will be forgotten.
  6. If you look here she signed something. It is blurred and in Thai. I don't know what it is but for sure not a confirmation at the delivery guy. https://www.stickboybkk.com/news/south-african-arrested-over-mystery-box-of-ecstasy/
  7. Here from the owner himself on Facebook: "3) Ashley does not run a bar - she manages the front of house operations for a breakfast and brunch restaurant of which I am the owner." And from the owner again: "The delivery man pressured for her to sign this package WHILE she was serving customers DURING her shift"
  8. I just take these 2 things of many. If you read all the info correctly then you know that she is not the owner of the restaurant. Obviously she worked there as waitress. I think it is not easy to get a work permit for this as foreigner. Anyway - let's wait how this story develops. Perhaps we get further information to understand what really happened there.
  9. Of course not. But what if you come into a situation that you can't have the pet anymore. What options do you have here in Thailand?
  10. Dave Resnburg from South Africa and Dave Resnburg from the UK. A farang girl without bank account working as waitress. A police that arrives pretty soon after the parcel was delivered. Whatever - an interesting story. I hope we will get further information.
  11. Look at the Euro for instance. Countries with huge amounts of debt plus negative interest rates and endless money printing. A wonder that the Baht is not higher...
  12. This all sounds good. In the long run the market will go up. But sadly in the long run we all will be dead... If you really want to trade you don't wait that the market will go up in the long run. I traded for very many years with options. Stocks were too boring for me. With options the only important thing is that the market moves. The direction is not important. And the more movement you have the better.
  13. There is no reason to pull out of the market. With the correct instruments you can win if the stocks rise or fall. Just use puts for instance if you think the market will go down.
  14. The story seems to be very different. Obviously she was dealing with drugs and this for a while already. At least reported like this here https://www.stickboybkk.com/news/south-african-arrested-over-mystery-box-of-ecstasy/
  15. From the legal point of view. Was she authorized to sign for the rightful owner? If not she never should have received the parcel. So in the end a mistake of the delivery company.
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