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  1. I'm trying to think what they've left out so far.... Already Pattaya is going to be the new Hollywood. It's also going to be the new Miami and Singapore (two very different cities, so becoming both is quite the trick) It's a premiere ocean resort It's a family destination. It's a magnet for high net worth 'quality tourists'. Next week it's likely to be the new Silicon Valley. Oh, and maybe the next Vail or St Moritz; the fact that it has neither mountains nor snow is immaterial. Pattaya is whatever anyone says/hopes/dreams/fantasizes it i
  2. Other than being a cult leader, one really wonders what value and ideas the guy brings to the Party. If they decide to choose him in 2024 (IMO, extremely unlikely and he'll be a forgotten 'family shame' by then), what's he going to do? Infrastructure? An 'amazing' healthcare plan? He had four years to do that if he really cared, and he didn't (do nor care). The Party he ostensibly leads, much to the dismay of actual Conservatives like Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, is now an amalgam of nutjobs, conspiracy theorists, 'stolen election' believers wi
  3. The Tatmadaw could be up against it here. Not everyone joins the military out of patriotism. For many, it's a job and guaranteed meals. The troops drawn from major cities may not be willing to crack down on their neighbors, and they could switch sides. I was there in 2007 (been visiting Myanmar regularly since 1995) when the Saffron Revolution occurred. The govt, fearing loyalty of Yangon-based troops, brought in many rural troops...people who were bowled over by a city like Yangon, even thought it was hardly well developed at that time. Those rural troops---many of whom were so po
  4. Do you mean competence? Empathy? A strong work ethic? Reestablishing the world's respect for the US? Getting upwards of 1.7 million Americans vaccinated per day? I can certainly understand why any of those would be anathema to people who supported the lazy, incompetent, self-serving, psychopathic, corrupt, mendacious clown that was the former (ostensible) leader. By this time in his admin, the former had already taken a few trips to his garish place in FL at a cost to the US Taxpayer, according to CBO, of just under $7 million. By the time his abomination ended, just hi
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