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  1. To the contrary, the government here could not be more predictable.
  2. If you havr been riding a big bike for months or even decades a simple test should not be an issue.
  3. Cant wewr a mask for an hour long flight. What utter nonsense.
  4. Yes, I have made a few trips out and about, in the last couple months. Stayed in a really funky boutique palce in ratburi a couple weekends running. It was full of bangkok thais. I mean full. Not an empty room in the place.
  5. it takes a special kind of fellow to turn the covid discussion to sex tourism. Are we supposed to be impressed or did you just feel the need to share?
  6. High season indeed, of the hundred or somfolks I know who come here to wakeboard or winter on the islands, exactly none of are foming this year. Most have been coming regualrly for the last 10'years at least..
  7. The thing is I live my normal every day,. Sure it changes a bit, but its still normal.
  8. I take taxis everywhere else, why would taking a taxi to immigration be any more of a burden? Other considerstions are: How are you going to get to chaing mai and back for 500 baht? what is your time worth to you? How much extra would a hotel room cost? I personally think you are just squealing for the sake of it. If the 500 baht were a realy issue you would not be on about spending sgnificantly more.
  9. Maybe your hookers are just too cheap. But as we have seen, some folks are happy with Montclair.
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