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  1. While the windows 7 remark was certainly unnessecary and typically miserable by thhaivisa standards, the question regarding ink cartridges, though its wording could have been kinder is certainly valid. The cost of a printer itself is almost irrelevant to the insane costs of ink to keep it running.
  2. When i return to a bar for my first beer after this whole nonsense it will not be the Londoner.
  3. Walter mitty fantasized, daydreamed. Alas our donald is living it large. I wish he could be as hapless as walter mitty. Or do you not actually understand your own reference?
  4. As has been explained to people ad nauseum since trump was elected, he did not gain 50 percent of the vote, nor did he even acheive a majority because the us electoral college system is setup to make a majority common vote unnessescary. Trump won with 304 of a possible 538 votes from the electorate. Given the skew of votes per territory he won the electorate majority. By actual numbers the story iwas somewhat different. Donald trump won less votes, but more of the right votes. Hillary clinton won 65,853,625 votes (48.0%) donald trump won 62,985,106 votes (45.9%).
  5. That you ate unable to recognize that there are many here who came for reasons not the women is rather sad. Yes, I bit
  6. Perhaps the scariest thing about trump is that he may actually beleive his own narrative.
  7. Well if things were worse wouldnt there be greater evidence of a die off or high infection rates amongst thaivisa members? This forum is the very definition of high risk, why havent more members succumbed?
  8. Sure some shipments have slowed over the pandemic, but again, things generally arrive within the specified window.
  9. I get about 3 lazada packages a week. No issue. If I am out they deliver the next day. What is the issue?
  10. And both would be justified for entirely different reasons.
  11. Why the ridiculous remarks? Granted the news article is pathetically thin on information, but one of the largest companies on the market just dumped 400,000 bottles of water on the market that falsely claimed to be compliant to a national industrial quality standard, when in fact they were not. I thought people on here wanted accountability in thailand.
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