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  1. What does your non o have to dodo with amnesty? Oh right, nothing at all.
  2. Oh dont hold back, tell us how you really feel.
  3. Funny you should say that. I was just walking home near villa, soi 11, and saw an older lanky dude with beard, stringy hair wrap-around shades and a mask carrying a maskless child in a front harness. As I thought to myself what an asshat he was for wearing a mask when the sleeping child had none, he asked me in an soft rather pleasant mid-west is accent if I could help him. Thinking he needed directions, I said sure. As the first words out if his moith were "I bought three plane tickets", I stopped him there said sorry man and walked on. He said something like alright and moved on own the soi. I watched him go, and one of my local motorcycle win called me over and said they see him often, what did he want? I said money and then this story pinged back into my memory. It was a different kid than the pics online, curly hair, id guess male. Harness the kid was in and backpack looked same. Anyways his story has been adjusted for covid, but as I said something pinged when I saw the kid had no mask.
  4. And foodland has some some steak options that are very good for the price. I dont shop at tops, ever, but I csn say meat at foodland is generally almost half the cost for similar quality.
  5. Ah, your life is so very rich with experience. One might argue however that with experiences such as the ones you cite above, you could be considered to have done things quite very wrong.
  6. Were known for centuries .... Excellent beginning. Should have the desired effect on our aging uk population. I can feel the sagging hackles rise. Ill leave you to the muck you stir.
  7. To the contrary, it has always been about the people, and keeping them well under heel.
  8. There are also plenty of places online that deliver excellent qualty meats.
  9. sorry you dont have access to proper shopping. plenty of options here in bangkok at a variety of prices.
  10. i see what you did there, because thais are monkeys. what hoot you are!
  11. all fine and good - if only this were the sole place training the animals and there were a guarantee that all owners were kind folk.
  12. i do believe he is currently recovering from a benzo addiction that has left him rather a shell of his former self.
  13. yeah again, that's not me, not a "thai basher", and i see plenty of fault to go around. i just find you shrill and rather self righteous. id just move on and let it go mate, i have.
  14. What? Not familiar with that set of posts,though I am certain they were riveting. I just meant your general tone.
  15. Good lord man have yo re-read anything you have written lately. You are hardly in a position to critique humour, or the attempt at it, in any form
  16. More to the point some seem to have no concept that shave and haircut have been what barbers are about since day 1
  17. Or that a us research team to wuhan that broke protocol likely brought covid to the west coast
  18. n00dle


    i know i was just adding salt to the jury. its all just water under the fridge. no ham no fowl.
  19. what pray tell is modern day height. every new home i have built or rented (including condo has had ceilings in the 2.8 to 3 meter range and i wouldnt live anywhere with less.
  20. Im quoting direct experience. Isolation was recommended (as for everyone) but certainly not mandatory. Not sure where your info came from
  21. I have a freind who flew back to the uk a little more than a month ago. She required a passport and a flight. No quarrantine, no contact tracing. Im not sure there ever was a quarantine.
  22. It most certainly is in us, uk, nz, aus, canada etc, I am sure aboit the eu. Assistant nurses may not need university qualifications, and there are different levels involved in nursing but most countries I have worked or lived require a basic college degree in nursing.
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