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  1. Call your bank and ask them why it was declined. At the start of the Covid restrictions here I had the same problem with my KTB card on an account that I used only for online purchases. The first question KTB asked me was whether I was out of the country on a certain date in February (I wasn't) and they told me that the card had been cancelled as they had connected my card number with an attempted fraud. I had to get a new card and all was back to normal.
  2. Yeah, that's really likely if she's a native-English speaker!
  3. Unfortunately, you cannot. Without UK residence you will not be able to open a UK bank account.
  4. Good idea...also what about Deemoney...that convert here to GBP Good idea? He needs a UK bank account.
  5. Why would you suggest that when he needs a UK bank account?
  6. Not really because that was like 50 years ago "...that was like 50 years ago". No, it wasn't "like" fifty years ago, it was fifty years ago.
  7. He has not claimed that his life was ruined, neither is he asking for sympathy! And it doesn't matter whether you believe it or not. "Pariah" is, indeed, an accurate word to describe his situation (in some circles), all it means "outcast" but I suspect that you thought it means something a lot more detrimental!
  8. To be fair it probably wasn't intentional of him to lie. You could be right, perhaps it was just his intention not to read the highlighted first paragraph of the OP!
  9. A period for 6 years for a DNA analysis is ridiculous. She was unidentifiable at the time of the discovery of her body and was buried, unidentified, until now. That means that there was no family for her to be connected to for her DNA to be compared with, so it's not as "ridiculous" as you claim.
  10. It wasn't a "mug shot", which suggests a police photo on being arrested, it was an ID photo. Hung with the wrong crowd? She was a coyote girl.
  11. Anyone notice how you made a completely false statement?... "...led him and three crew members away in handcuffs".
  12. You don't have to believe me. Similarly, why should anyone believe anything that you post here? You should consider, though, that the go-go bars have not gone and the entertainment industry has not been hit harder than many other businesses as the deliberately misleading and clearly false headline from that paragon of virtue, Reuters, claims.
  13. So Thailand's figures are relevant but other (neighbouring) countries figures are irrelevant when discussing that Thailand did better than neighbouring countries ? but no I don't really believe any of their figures. Yes, neighbouring countries statistics are irrelevant as the subject was your suggestion that Thailand's figures were deliberately inaccurate, that's all, and you haven't been able to back up your assertion. I wasn't commenting on how Thailand's figures compared with figures from other countries, neither were you until your attempted diversion from your "false figures" suggestion!
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