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  1. http://v.pinimg.com/videos/mc/720p/f4/b2/58/f4b25843d64b06fe4120f2536c3afc1d.mp4 (Watch the big dog's front left paw. I missed it the first time.)
  2. Surely the best pork pies are the ones emanating from City Hall being told by the Mayor's office?
  3. So, I could be driving around Thailand on my license that expired in 2007?
  4. In case the sales folks at the store don't know what an awl is: It's great for punching an extra hole in a leather belt, holes in the bottom of a plastic flower pot, chipping ice ... that sort of thing. And, yeah, mine is a little corroded but it still works.
  5. I bought an awl at Home Pro. Does all the little things you can do with an ice pick.
  6. The next time they allocate beach sections to chair/umbrella concessions, they should put 2m wide trenches between each one.
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