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  1. At least they are waiting until November 22. Christmas in USA stores is already underway.
  2. Remember the transfer that I submitted last week Thursday (October 17)? I was notified it "should arrive by October 24th," yet this potential transfer that I'm submitting today, October 22 (three business days later), is saying it also "Should arrive by October 24th." Oy, vey. (I'm guessing that Transferwise doesn't realize October 23 is a bank holiday?)
  3. Why would a Thursday morning request (Wednesday evening US time) not have anything happen until late Monday US time? Why are both Thursday & Friday in the US not action days? I got this e-mail from them: ... with no explanation *why* it's taking an extra two days. If the reason is that the amount is >$10k and requires more paperwork, why not share that so I'll know in advance that my next $14k installment will also be delayed.
  4. So far, I am not impressed with the speed: This is using an ACH transfer from my bank to Transferwise. I set up the transfer the morning of th 17th (Thu). Why would it take Transferwise 7 days to get the funds via ACH?
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