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  1. These police roadblocks with sobriety tests are getting out of hand. Last night I was stopped and made to fold a fitted sheet.
  2. At my age, I prefer threesomes. In case one of us dies.
  3. Are condo buildings considered public buildings? i.e. How far from an entrance door of a condo building must smoking be prohibited?
  4. I will echo the recommendations for East Coast Realty from the above posts. I would add a recommendation for Stu Sutton at Jomtien Property. I have bought and sold condos with both David and Stu and feel they did a very good job. Plus, both agencies are good about keeping out-of-date listings off their web site.
  5. What he said. Starting in 2004, I used to live on Soi Watboon in Jomtien, and there were plentiful outages. It would be surprising to go two weeks without a total power loss (in addition to the almost daily "blips" mentioned above). The past few years I've lived in a condo in the Jomtien Complex area and unplanned outages are very rare. When the PEA plans an outage there is usually a notice by the elevators a week in advance.
  6. I noticed the other day a coin laundry on Thappraya Road on the right-hand side as you head toward Jomtien. It was about a block before the Rita Resort, IIRC. I think the name was WASHCOIN, or some similar two-word reversed title. Looked like it had machines like in the OP, so assume it had hot wash and hot dry capability.
  7. So they found an average of 33+ foreigners per residence?
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