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  1. No worries, nobody will find your Japanese swimsuit soft porn.
  2. The alleged emails are also presented by the Post in pdf and image form, not in the actual email format that would be needed to help verify their authenticity. That proofs all wrong. Nobody would do that to change the e-mail into an PDF file. It looks like they've planted the stuff right onto this machine to make them look bad. And looking who's involved, no wonder.
  3. Social security, I was told that as I the school provides private insurance there is no requirement or need to also facilitate social security. I have had private medical before but still paid social and would like to continue paying, as I have built up a long record which will eventually pay out, albeit a limited amount. My understanding is that all employers must register new employees with the social and start paying within 30 days of the employee start date. I have also read that social is not mandatory for private school teachers. I this correct? Call yourself happy. The deadline to continue with the Thai SS personally, which is only 438 baht, is three months. It's not mandatory for private schools, so they try to avoid it. Go there and tell them that you'd like to continue paying in privately. You can keep that insurance as long as you want. Mine pays around 8 K for meds/monthly, and I couldn't afford that with my salary. It's free for me, and only having the 438 baht SS is worth gold to me. And that seems to be the best insurance once you're retired.
  4. Nope, cleaning the damn tank properly is the only way to be happy in the long run.
  5. I checked my plugs, saw that the front cylinder got a bit too much fuel, turned the pilot screw in 1/3 and all is fine. I found out with Gunson Color tune that the front ran too rich and used Colortune to set the pilot screw. Runs like a racing machine now and idles like a Swiss Clock.
  6. ...that had the roots in fregging China. If they would have given more information about the disease to give other countries time, things would be different.
  7. All tourists who arrive on the first of April will receive free hotel vouchers, a lady they can use for anything they like and enough pocket money. And a free submarine tour with the General as the Captain is also included.
  8. Reports on the number varied from 39 to 41 but they were all Chinese. I'd keep all diseases away from my loved ones. Did they forget that the virus originated in China? What a crazy world we live in. I'm so happy that I'm already a bit older. Being a teen now would be a horror for me. The tourists who brought the big cash to Thailand will not come back. Of course, will a few people come, but that's not even worth mentioning.
  9. Let's hope that the family gets what they deserve.
  10. Shot with a gun that seems to be a status symbol in the US of the A. RIP, cop. You knew the risk. Sorry for your family and friends.
  11. When holding a Non-O's ME, you must leave the country every 90 days; no re-entry is needed/ necessary. The OP's question of what will happen to all these people who do not have the 400 K on a Thai bank must be a couple of thousands. Savannakhet was the last place where these people could get one without trouble. I'm afraid that this could be scrapped. I genuinely hope not. The income the consulate had must have been a reasonable sum per year. How else should a man stay with his family if he can't show that amount of money? "Go to see an agent" is what I've read very often. But how serious and legal are these documents from an agent? I've seen a fake visa in an ex-colleague's passport that he could luckily get changed into a proper one leaving for Laos/ Savannakhet. Considering that some agents also sell fake visas, I'd be careful and ask ten people before making myself a criminal without even knowing it. Those who bought a fake one will hardly write about it, but you could use "my friend's friend's brother,"
  12. Yep. It's plain stupid growing pot being a dirty foreigner. Som Nam Na.
  13. The country that gave the whole world their virus is one of the "low rate" countries, and they may travel to Thailand while many others on real retirement visas with re-entry can not come? The hot climate can't be the reason for the few infections in China; it's getting pretty cold there as well. What's wrong with the whole virus story that they don't tell us? That's insanity pure and if it makes Chinese people even more popular these days.
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