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  1. Blimey. You are on the wrong forum, that's about half a years money for most on here.
  2. My thoughts are I couldn't give a monkies what they do either way. I haven't even give it a second thought, and haven't even heard it come up with other 'expats' when out having a beer. In the very unlikely event I have to leave this corrupt oven on the 26th Sept then so be it, bring it on, don't be shy.
  3. Repeatedly seeing how obsessed this country is with tourism just makes you realise what a mickey mouse country it really is. Has this country ever produced or invented anything of note other than possibly the bum gun? All it's known for is beaches, spicy food and hookers. This is a place for holidays, not for living in.
  4. To be fair I can't argue with any of that. Some well laid out, concise on the money points. It reads like a sales pitch from a health insurance rep It's actually pretty scary not having insurance when you weigh it all up.
  5. Another one of these 'advice' threads, where as said by Pilotman, the OP will ultimately not listen or act on a single thing wrote on here. A complete waste of time.
  6. To be fair there are plenty of people who comfortably have 1-3 mil, but yes a lot of bs's too. Some also seem to think that having Thai gov insurance means they are sorted too, ie if they are teachers, but that is a risky game too for any major illnesses/accidents.
  7. I've always took it as meaning they can comfortably pay if they do end up in hospital, so they edge their bets. Bit of a contradiction for me though as if you have plenty of money then why not just buy insurance.
  8. It's true that he seems as proud as punch for having insurance, bless him. In bkk I never ride a moped but since spending a bit of time in Ubon I feel safe, although I avoid the main roads.
  9. Accident insurance is rubbish, it's for tourists and kids..get your wallet out and cover yourself properly at your age.
  10. Must admit, I don't currently have any and it does worry me as I ride a moped. It's true that for a few quid a day it really is daft not to have it, but the vast majority of people I know don't have it, and the excuses are always different. The 'self insured' one comes up a lot then the other one is 'I can't get it' Erh, yes you can. Always remember one time out having a beer the subject of this come up and one guy said if he couldn't afford insurance then how can he be out having a beer? Was a fair point.
  11. So you have just basically repeated what the OP said??
  12. Don't know about other countries but in the UK the yoof go out and party a lot less now than we did in our day back in Suffolk. Reasons being pubs are more expensive, no one really drinks and drives anymore, taxi's are ridiculously expensive, and the main reason there is simply a lot more home entertainment these days with smart phones, Netflix and so on....the pub culture is not what it was now,. As for nightclubs, do they still exist, the 10 to 2 dance if you got lucky? As for WHO, the one thing Trump has gone right is outing these fraudsters for what they are. Hasn't anyone told them yet that no one takes a blind bit of notice of what they say anymore?
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