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  1. That's Thai Governments tactics cause confusion then blame any negative outcome on a misunderstanding..
  2. Oh yea or more like Social Status, Nationality, Bank Balance, Age, Health
  3. I wasn't expecting to read the words "Protest Leaders" again on TV B.S. It's only because protest leaders got tested after being released that they found out about the Prison outbreak.
  4. So they're gonna Jab Foreigners before Thai's? I don't believe that although I wish it was the case lets bookmark this page and come back to it in June. Will they even have enough vaccines by June I heard it will be July??
  5. Tramps and the Homeless should go before Thai's as they are more at risk but in Thailand it will go from Rich to Poor from Most Important to least Important. Why don't they get that??
  6. Just because you registered doesn't mean you will get it I expect they will check who qualifies first by Nationality, Age and Health.
  7. Well just as I thought and I would be surprised if it wasn't delayed even further it's total discrimination and violates the ethics agreement between Thailand and Astrazeneca. Time to lobby our Embassies and Astrazeneca I think. Otherwise we are looking at the Jab by the end of year or later by which time Thailand will probably have reached heard immunity.
  8. Pfizer is cheaper than Sinovac and they are ready to sell to Thailand and most people would prefer Pfizer but they don't buy why not? Same thing in many 3rd World countries all going for Sinovac very strange.
  9. Why do so 3rd World countries including Thailand choose to buy the Sinovac Vaccine when they could get better performing Vaccines cheaper? Even Pfizer is offering it's vaccine to 3rd world countries for $10 a shot.
  10. For sure we'll be after Thai's though. They might give it to some just for PR though.
  11. So temperature checks not working then? Again no mention about protest leaders testing positive last week!! Why
  12. Once the public's forgotten about it they will bail it out tooo many Bigwigs got stakes in it to loose.
  13. Been expecting this why did it take so long???!!! It's been in the news since over a week that most protest leaders tested positive for COVID19 in Prison so I guess they couldn't keep the lid on it any longer. Or was it already reported on TV about protest leaders getting COVID19 last week I missed it??
  14. PM should take the Sinovac Vaccine live on TV to encourage Thai's to take it.
  15. A lot of Thai's my wife included believe the Thai root herbs Khrachai (Fingerroot) will cure COVID19 It's also been promoted by the government and being given to patients with COVID19 in Hospitals Could be one reason many are not registering for the Vaccine? So well done to the Health Ministry for helping to persuade Thai's they don't need a vaccine.
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