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  1. Absolutely to be expected prior to the Trials of over 50 current protest leaders and minors. Don't think these extremists will mind spending a few nights in Jail for their cause and even if they are convicted they know they will be released soon after. Is there any explanation to exactly why were found guilty? Is it because they were demanding a Military Coup? If so what about the Coup Makers?? lol
  2. BIG PR event at the the Airport to welcome the arrival of Sinovac Vac from China on Thai Airways. Just hope the Chinese aren't too offended when the PM gets the AstraZenteca Vac instead. No PR for the arrival of the AstraZenteca Vac?? Never mind I'm sure they won't be offended. https://twitter.com/ThaiEnquirer/status/1364423015031660544?s=20
  3. Bet they knew the PM would be getting the AstraZeneca vaccine when they announced the PM would be first to get the Sinovac vaccine. Or is it just look they happen to arrive at the same time and they know nothing?
  4. Yes probably so they can claim they started vaccinations in February why else order so few of it?
  5. So do you know who the other potential candidates were and perhaps a link?
  6. Yes but other World leaders have done so in order to encourage their people to also take the vaccine. With only 200k doses that's hardly going to be the case in Thailand until they have enough but when will that be. This is more a pr stunt to claim they have started to vaccinate the population which they haven't really and probably VIP's MP's and Civil servants will get it before the elderly.
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