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  1. They won't even tell the people which venues they visited so they're not exactly being transparent! Now all the Hotels and Shopping Malls have to deny one by one they visited them otherwise people won't go. From what I understand there's also no quarantine Hotels in Rayong? They arrived Wednesday and tested Positive Sunday so that's 5 days did they wonder around for 5 days? Seems there's a big cover up and pass the buck Job going on.
  2. Yea they're taking a lot of stick on Twitter 1.3m Tweets already with #อีแดงกราบตีนคนไทย don't think anyone believes him now he's resorting to threats.
  3. Even if it's false-positive the question arises why were 30 Soldiers exempted from quarantine and let out on the town? I'm sure we will never get an answer.
  4. Yes that could be quite embarrassing if it gets out! Thailand's 45 day Virus FREE record broken because 30 Egyptian soldiers needed to get replenishment.
  5. In another case a Diplomats daughter initially tested negative but after further tests turned out to be positive. What's it with these so called VIP's why should they get away without doing quarantine?
  6. Maybe they should crack down on the Military as they've been the biggest bunch of spreaders so far.
  7. According to other sources he was part of a group 30 Egyptian military Air force Pilots who were given exemption from quarantine. Now who gave the exemption and why are they still in a Job? Did they get a special exemption from the Thai Military? https://www.khaosodenglish.com/news/crimecourtscalamity/2020/07/13/colleagues-of-pilot-found-with-virus-were-allowed-to-leave-quarantine/
  8. Didn't they previously say beginning of 2021 now it's the end of 2021? In any case don't they already have a cocktail that cures Covid19 they should be working on selling that.
  9. Or more like the Generals don't want Foreigners back they're a bunch of old Dinosaurs and prime candidates for contracting COVID19. P.s Who sponsors Nida Poll?
  10. They also use Monkeys in Thailand for medical experiments that doesn't make it OK but without it we wouldn't have any Vaccines or Medicines. But that doesn't give the green light for everyone to be Cruel to Animals does it?
  11. Where I live the Coconut farms don't use Monkeys they use long Bamboo Poles but the Coconut Trees aren't that tall either.
  12. Didn't Anutin already volunteer to be the first? That should be televised.
  13. Civil Servants like to blame Politicians for Thailand's political Woes but they're just as bad if not worse. You only have to look at the current ruling party full of X Civil Servants to see it's true. Most Thai's have Civil Servants and or Politicians in their family and they usually most respected Family members for some reason it's all about Status I think. That's why most Thai's ignore the problems.
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