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  1. Congrats. Wow you even had to prove that you have a confirmation of the school? What if you did not have it? It's easier to go to Fort Knox.
  2. It turns out this is more of a burden than a blessing. No more international tourism allowed for at least one more year.
  3. I feel sorry for this wonderful city and it's people. Why change what works? Definitely goes in the wrong direction.
  4. Shocked to see that scientists tell their "opinion" all the time. Also if they find the virus somewhere they do not consider if it is still infectious. Horror stories especially from HK and China, that the virus is still there after hours and 10s of meters away do not consider if you could still get infected. They feed the media with stories and get a candy for it. Gooood boooy!!!
  5. Every person capable of logical thinking would do so. But don't bet on it with this government.
  6. You are scary. By the way I know China for 30 years traveling there and I know most don't care (at least they don't tell a foreigner). They are so used to oppression they even believe it is a superior system.
  7. Maybe they will focus on expansion and easement of arrival with quarantine for EVERYONE. But I don't expect anything from this government which is logical or follows common sense.
  8. Don't they have to? Social score system. Any freedom loving person is horrified by this system. Nobody understands why the Chinese follow their oppressors so passionately under the guise of nationalism.
  9. I really don't care if Asians can go to Thailand, but I feel sorry for the millions of Thai people who will have to fight daily or don't know how to feed their children. This dogma of "zero covid cases" costs too much. In my opinion Europe was first sleeping by doing nothing, but now they seem to be able to keep it under control while opening almost the whole economy. Doing nothing and doing too much seems to be the fool's way.
  10. Another piece of: "We think that millions want to overrun Thailand and we are going to be very very picky and make it very very difficult for you."
  11. This is the perfect strategy to kill most of the tourism industry AND bring in the virus again. Neither fish nor fowl.
  12. He has only the non-o and is permitted back? Or is he married? Work permit?
  13. I think they are still trying to figure out what the government wants. Not easy, even for the hospitals.
  14. Hard to imagine that 30.000 people or as later published 1700 people will go through this just to be treated in Thailand. This explains why most on the list are from middle east. They want to escape the situation there at all cost. As I already wrote they want your money, but introduce many hurdles at the same time instead of facilitating it.
  15. If I would be rich and would want to get an expensive heart surgery in Thailand, I need a certificate that this surgery is not possible in my home country. So they want my money, but they don't let me in. Strange and schizo..
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