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  1. Update. Have just had a message in Thai that my wife translated. Says basically that someone nicked my data!!! So they have switched it off and told me how to switch it ON or OFF. I haven't seen a refund yet. Not keen to go and visit one of their shops at present.
  2. My wifi is on all the time as that is what I use at home. We are not talking about much money here, BUT I always keep a little in the account incase I want to make a phone call. There is just 32baht in at present and obviously I don't want them to 'nick' that. I don't really want to top up as I may be changing to AIS. Thirty two baht would normally last me several months. I found this extra bit of information yesterday, I have queried it with DTAC using their online system
  3. You could talk to your doctor about Silodosin, sold here under the name of Urif. I take it occasionally when my dick plays up, but it does seem to lower my blood pressure so I don't like to take it often.
  4. I did say, I cannot understand why as my mobile date is switched off. Sorry I spelt data incorrectly. It is an iPhone so you switch data off by moving the little 'thingee' in settings to off. I initially had a very old phone package at 1thb/min. Just kept a positive balance in the account. Later I contracted for the additional pre pay data package. In the past if I haven't had enough money in the account it just doesn't renew ... never had any money taken out of the account as long as mobile data was switched off on the phone. Go Plearn looks an option
  5. I have been with DTAC for more than six years. I have a pre-paid data contract of 5GB/month at 299+Baht. I decided not to extend it this month as we were at home so would use the house internet. I did not put enough money into my DTAC account to allow them to extend. I pay for mobile phone calls at 1thb/min. If I make a phone call it is usually LINE or SKYPE. I have had a couple of messages recently from them saying “your internet has exceeded 10.00 Baht already. I looked at my usage in the DTAC app this morning and noticed a small charge (See attachment). I cannot
  6. Maybe a guy from France or even a French Chef will come and confirm that soup du jour or even soupe du jour is just the soup we offer today.
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