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  1. This one is different I really hope everything turns out okay for them both and not like some of the 'this one is different' marriages here. Harry has always been very popular with the UK Public. Megan stole the show and that Kate woman did not like it at all. She probably did rub the establishment up the wrong way, realised what a complete set of <deleted> some of them are and no doubt made her feelings known. I married a Thai 'hand me down' as someone so eloquently put it, some 18 years ago now and have had a wonderful life with her
  2. Isn't the 28th tomorrow. It is very bad when Weather Forecasters don't seem to know what will be happening just a day or so ahead. I thought that I had read somewhere that, reservoirs being full to almost overflowing and having to release vast quantities of water on those poor people downstream has happened a few times before.
  3. So if I understand correctly. You are under 50 years old, in Thailand now, renting everything, considering marriage at some time. But concerned that you may be asked to leave Thailand and in doing so loose everything you have invested in here. From other posts I see that you are considering going back to the USA to sort out your future inheritance and have even asked BritManToo if he can find you a 'Dusky Maiden'. Not sure if that last bit can be classed as exactly bright. Here is a way to look at things and an option. You have youth on your side but what is availabl
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