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  1. isnt it a know fact that 10% of prostitution applies to services for foreigners all the rest is for Thais i sure i read that somewhere
  2. i disagree i never come across any other dangers being a monger in Thailand and never had any STD in the 20 years i was playing the field just a bit of red eye occasionally, its more dangerous getting about Sydney's King Cross than anywhere in Thailand, now you dont have to anything and you could die this CV is the worst thing thats ever happened in the world well in my time
  3. patpong nana cowboy and the like died many many years ago, would not care if it gone forever i had my fun there when it was fun.
  4. i have been working in middle east country's for 12 years, first time i heard this prayer being played on the speakers before take off it put shivers down my spine, can never get used to it its like Inshallah god is great and all that bullocks if we crash.
  5. Very surprised dont hear more of this, back in the day and for 20 years i was a single lad so they couldn't get me for anything if the tried, saying that i did never tell them my real name and never gave out my mobile number, couldn't be bothered getting phone calls all hrs i just played the field for a few decades and had a ball. Married now with kid so i just dont play up anymore, after 20 years of mongering got bored with the whole scene actually ha ha
  6. Wow awesome shame im not living there anymore, sounds like its back to the way it was the first time i went to pattaya in 1990
  7. What is a permanent residence permit im married to a Thai, only thing i can do is get a 12 mth spouse visa every year which is applied for outside of Thailand
  8. The way i have known it opening times for swimming pools in condos/hotels are normally only open sun up to sun down
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