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  1. Oh, Gosh, after 1 death in 100 days that old man on the photo is in panic. Look, he also points a finger to a guy who probably is infected, as if saying "that guy, he'll be the one to blame soon!"
  2. Go figure - Is Thailand free of chinese covid? - Of course! - May I cease to wear a mask then? - No!
  3. Those who don't wear masks are called by some people irresponsible. Then, what should we call people who are: a) wear a mask b) but smoke ciggarets, drink sometimes, eat junk food (think of McDonalds and the like) and food that contains suggar and chemicals. These people make their immune systems weak, and thus are likely to contract the virust and sicken others. These people should be called irresponsible, as they are those who spread the virus and not those who don't wear masks. Yet they're busy to come to realize that as they're critising those who don't wear masks. Before wearing mask and calling someone irresponble, look at the mirror first.
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