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  1. Hi, Anyone can remind me what docs for 1 year non O extension? based on kid, not married but now got parental right papers sorted. Pics, house map, bank letter that i got 400k in it, (had that last oe and 400k didn't had to be seasoned, is that still the same ?), gf house book, her id, kid birth cert orgin and copies, I think I got that adress paper in passport, if not they will tell to do it on the spot, I think. All I can remember. Anyting else ? My visa is expired and went in but was sent back due amnesty, so giving it another try in Jomtien. Monday or Tusday would be good days to go ? Not too early? Or they will be still confused and donno what to do ? Anyone extended expired visas on Jomtien yet? any reports on forum ? I can tell you that my mate whos visa expired in may got it extended in Bangkok based on marriage. Thx for help.
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