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  1. I found with cheap grinder's you need to wear welding gloves as they get too hot to hold.thats why. Spare brushes.they wear out fast.
  2. It makes sense toe me the 12months start from o visa end date .but the problem with his visa now he has to be back in Thailand when the 12months is up.so could be a summer month .as most people if they go home would go home when hot.so look's like he now have to make sure he back in April......
  3. and dont get caught out with thinking 90 days insurance will do . as you have to return after the 90 days to your home country and not just out of thailand ,on a border run ,
  4. Would have said numbers down because of covid.. would be good to see more photos after the date of this so called effort.
  5. past car test a long time ago .. may be she bought it back then.. but seems no chance these days ..
  6. yes them hoops ...but go via agent not need any thing . why ? thought they wanted to get well heeled people in thailand.. ...
  7. thanks you but it look still closed ? and cant find waht to do first EG book a test center ? book a test? or get a mediical ?etc...
  8. I do agree. But how come they make it so hard And hoop's to jump through for people who want to get visa correctly? At 1900b. Seems they want us to use an agent so no hoops and immigration officers gets more money Very wrong..
  9. How does a thai citizen get a thai driving lience ? cant find anything on the google in english about the process of abtaining a first motor bike licence for a thai lady ,,, (but she does has a car licence) any links or info would be helpfull thank you ..
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