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  1. Ah yes, Australian isn't he? Still no doubt it was a lucrative bandwagon!
  2. It is still quarantine. Nobody will take up the offer. Thailand can either insist on quarantine, and accept there will be no tourism, or allow vaccinated and tested people to enter and travel within the country. The only two options. Just accept that as long as you are requiring quarantine you will not receive any significant tourism
  3. Well done TAT, hearty congratulations - I just knew you could do it - a resounding 10 on the TATometer with the needle hard on the stops! A great idea, the UK has had open prisons for years. I did think the crack: "Pipat Ratchakitprakan, whose assets declaration suggested he has 2 billion baht, has been criticised for not having the intelligence to match his wealth. Some have cruelly suggested that his IQ does not match his AQ plan. " Is perhaps s little un-kind, although jolly funny!
  4. I don't think that there are legions of applicants for every post any more - the flow of foreign teachers (native speaking, Fillipino or African) stopped abruptly when the borders closed. That presumably will make it a buyer's market if you are looking for another school. As for how foreign teachers are treated, well I suppose it depends on the school and your situation. I am lucky, I teach ( part time -about 15 hours a week) in my local provincial RC school. I am a Catholic, an active member of the parish and my daughter is a pupil. In fact when I moved to Thailand and was doing m
  5. Surely not! I mean, no Thai would do that to another Thai? I thought that such corruption had been rooted out...
  6. There are two problems. Firstly, many close to, perhaps even in government, have invested heavily in providing quarantine, insurance and other facilities required by the STV scheme. The expected happy time did not happen, so they will want to at least recoup their investment, and probably turn an eventual profit, before quarantine will be relaxed. Secondly, clear misunderstandings need to be reached and informal protocols put in place to ensure that any vaccination programme is run in a suitably "Thai' way. This takes time, to ensure that no body important is left out of the p
  7. And the government really has nothing better to do than deploy its "anti fake news" teams to debunk gossip about the weather? Anyway, up here in Chiang Rai we all know when it is going to rain - the electric goes off!
  8. I believe that the test is quite simple. You are required to wander aimlessly into the classroom a couple of minutes after the lesson is due to have begun, armed with a textbook and a whiteboard pen - if the textbook has a post-it-note sticking out of the appropriate page that is good, shows diligence in preparing the lesson.. Tick off a couple of boys at the back for not wai -ing correctly during the "Good Morning teacher" routine. Open the textbook and read aloud for twenty minutes, scribbling the odd phrase on the whiteboard; note if you are teaching English or another subject
  9. A government minister blethering on about what might happen, waving a 19 year old document as an example, a two tier vaccination scheme with the military, police and HiSos appearing as if by magic at the front of the queue, one product for the "good people" and a cheapo less effective one for the masses, to be "rolled out" one day sometime whenever, reports already of "misunderstandings" as to how and to whom the vaccine is to be distributed, a different prediction as to what will happen to the tourist figures every day, and a total refusal to accept the self evident fact that the industry has
  10. So dear tourists, once you are in your quarantine hotel, you will have to be granted permission by an official to leave... I bet that will cost! I bet that will be understood by any possible visitors! I bet that they will not come! It's quarantine Jim, but not as we know it!
  11. As it approaches the buffer stops, the brakes, inevitably, will fail...
  12. On the contrary, englishoak, I should imagine even now Ms Sturgeon is down at the Hollyrood Bus Depot, doing her very best "Blakey" impressions: " Butler, get that bus moving, anyone stands in your way run over them..." She is too close to complete power, in the form of independence and consequently forming a government to allow anything to get in her way.
  13. The villains of the piece have it seems sufficient of a stranglehold on your political institutions to have traduced them to serve their own political ends. That is what the whole scandal is about. Do you really think that if you achieve independence, (and they will be the people running the party which will be running things) you can sort out your political institutions?
  14. Stop sniveling and trying to weasel out of it. You know what you said and were suggesting. Everybody here knows what you were suggesting. It is exactly what you are always suggesting. One interpretation that many could be forgiven for making is that you are a biggotted anglophobe who cannot bear to pass the chance to take a pop at the English. Did an English pirate steal your lollipop when you were an infant?
  15. Perhaps I could point out that David555 made an equally grave allegation: that the accusations against Ms Sturgeon were a result of "the English really shxxng their pants for that referendum ....putting their backroom dark forces at work "?
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