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  1. Nobody has been disenfranchised. In any democratic decision making process there will be those whose "side" does not win. In any general election there will be those whose favoured party do not win enough seats to form a government. That is not the same as being disenfranchised. In both the referendum and the subsequent general elections you had the same opportunity and right to vote (assuming that you are over 18 and a British Citizen) as anyone else. Your faction in the referendum (remain) lost by 48% to 52%. That is not being disenfranchised. I'm taking a guess that your favoured party in the two subsequent general elections failed to win a majority of seats. Again, that is not the same as being disenfranchised.
  2. Like many others I used this forum to find a convenient précis of National and International news. Call me over serious but just perhaps massive demonstrations in the capital city and elsewhere which may lead to a coup, bloodshed on the streets and the overthrow not just of a government but possibly of a whole system of government is at least on a par with Thai Airways flogging donuts in the street?
  3. They are definitely not cheap! A bag of Patongo with dipping sauce and a cup of warm soy milk goes for ThB 20 in Chiang Rai - so Thai Air are charging about twice the going rate - a bit like their airline tickets were, back when they were an airline and not a mobile sticky bun business!
  4. Quite clever the way he keeps his motorbike parking ticket clipped to his medals though - must be to stop him losing it!
  5. I'm sorry guv I've scratched the record, scratched the record, scratched the record, scratched the record...
  6. " Tomorrow belongs to me..." Now where have I heard that chorus before, it seems vaguely familiar...
  7. There is a fundamental flaw in the healthcare model. Healthcare is essentially a business. There is no money to be made from providing care for the mentally ill, particularly when they are incarcerated. They seem so often to be left untreated. Had therapy and medication been provided for Harvey Hill, either before his arrest and during/instead of his incarceration he would probably have been living a happy life with his wife and daughters. Instead he was beaten to death by savage thugs who were responsible for his care, in a system which seems to have failed at every level in discharging it's duty of care.
  8. "Apropos of nothing in particular"It would be a very interesting, and possibly ironically amusing study, to discover just how many of us rabid, foreigner hating, xenophobic, racist, brexiteers actually understood that first post. I suspect that there are quite a few, like me, who have travelled widely in Europe, speak several European languages, understand and appreciate much about culture and life in Europe, yet have no wish to be ruled by a federal European government. Off topic musing I know.
  9. If you look at the photograph in the OP you can see how hard it must be to see something that size, at night, with a great big headlight and a loud horn...
  10. I wonder if this fellow rocked up to some international conference or other, billing himself as an expert, spouted some drivel, and had the <deleted> taken mercilessly? It could explain rather a lot!
  11. Indeed, Moleskins were a staple of my wardrobe for many years in the UK, tan, green or yellow. Matched with a Guernsey pullover (virtually indestructible) and a Barbour Jacket. Moleskins washed normally, Guernsey washed on cool setting, and with a little olive oil added instead of fabric conditioner - kept the oiled wool finish which made them so warm and weatherproof. Shop for clothes like that in the high street - very expensive! Shop for them in the farmers stores, very reasonable.
  12. Hardly - in 1970 I was 12, dressed from Woolworth's and C&A's. Sunday best was from Marks and Spencer's. School uniform was a grey suit (short trousers)! Actually, come to think of it, I do have a rather dapper pair of red cotton denim "jean" style trousers, which I wear with my brown suede brogues and a proper shirt in the cool season (Sunday best don't you know). I do wash them quite regularly.
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