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  1. Right, thank you for that. I wonder how long it will be before some enterprising Vietnamese entrepreneur starts subsidising bigger motorcycles for Chinese delivery lads?
  2. It (vaccine refusal based on nationality) is happening. I and others have reported it to (in my case the UK) embassy. In their reply (I believe written and sent from a UK based office to which it appears all communications are automatically forwarded) they told me that " the embassy does not provide vaccinations", I know and was not asking for that; and that I "should rely on the local health care system for access to vaccines", well that was the point I was making, they are refusing it. They also stated that the Thai government had assured them that foreigners living here would have access to
  3. Oh, it will just be a collection of chaps in military and paramilitary uniforms, who will take the opportunity to strut around in front of cameras and massage their egos by issuing (often contradictory) orders and restrictions. They could just as well be entitled "The Ministry of Funny Walks"! Their main contribution will be to throttle any economic gains to be made for the general public from reopening...
  4. The military contingent ( so essential as we understand to protecting the image of all things Thai) appear to be somewhat climatically confused. An operation dealing with tropical fruits, and they are dressed in desert combats?
  5. I think the point is that a large proportion of that figure whichever percentage quoted you may choose, is distributed amongst a large slice of the population, who work in various enterprises which rely upon tourism. Those people in turn support extended families which otherwise are reliant on small cash surpluses from what is essentially subsistence farming. So you see, the money lavished on a young lady in Soi Cowboy, whether for a really good seeing to which left one in a state of post orgasmic stupor for the next week, or an in depth debate upon the influence of Aristotle upon
  6. Well, yes, following a digital analysis they will all pull together!
  7. 7/11 plastic safety razor Big C blades Coconut oil. (the little bottles the sell on the pharmacy section of 7/11, not the gunk you use for frying!
  8. Yes. The reason I asked is because they all, Thai or Vietnamese ( the durian that is) look the same to me! I quite like the stuff but am always put off by the price. If the Vietnamese stuff is cheaper I might try and get my paws on some!
  9. Is there really any difference between Thai and Vietnamese durian?
  10. Frankly, closing the education office, and therefore removing one layer of the stifling beaurocracy which plagues education here, can only be regarded as a positive step!
  11. Well, yes, umh, but, well, absolutely, there again, yes, so... The one really tangible thing the British Embassy (and by extension the Foreign and Commonwealth Office) could do, should do, would be to publicly, loudly and persistently remind Thailand and the rest of the world, that the Thai government assured them that foreign residents would be treated exactly the same as Thais when it came to the vaccination programme (as Thais have been in the UK); and that pledge has been openly broken! "No vaccination - you are a foreigner"! Chang Rai government hospita
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