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  1. Having read his post, my take is that he waits until he sees someone else drop something, and then empties his pockets!
  2. As ever with such polls/surveys, it hinges on who, and where, you ask the questions. If you were to ask predominantly middle class Thais, in Bangkok, (probably those who were asked) then tourism for many is not part of their lives, and therefore the.y have little or no interest in tourism resuming. Because of the particularly (peculiarly) stratified and insular Thai social (class) system they probably have less contact and interaction with those Thais who do work in tourism than they do with foreigners, and so don't understand (or care about) the problems which the sudden collapse of tourism has brought. If you were to ask/survey those who do work in or around tourism ( and while it may account for 15% of the economy I suspect that it employs a disproportionately higher number of often lower paid workers) then the answer would be very different. Whilst this government doesn't really answer to either group/class it probably feels that it is to it's advantage to be seen to be paying attention to the middle classes.
  3. The judicial system convicts a man on 7 counts of criminal activity. The executive branch pardons him. The lines of separation seem to be getting a bit blurred.
  4. The key thing about this list of proposals is of course that the planning, discussion, media releases and so on will all have a budget to be managed. The end result, if any, is irrelevant. Once the funds have been appropriately, creatively and imaginatively used, then the whole project will disappear into the swirling fog of beaurocracy!
  5. Podium properly lit, check. Tie perfectly knotted, check. Cameras running, check. All set, off we go then, my turn to get on the telly and show how important I am. Now, what is all this waffle about? Never mind, I'll look good, and it sounds good!
  6. And probably several hundred times the route mileage! There is nothing wrong with Metre gauge railways, as long as the permanent way is properly maintained, and the trains are operated with due regard for the speed restrictions and signalling procedures. There are some 95,000km of metre gauge in use worldwide. On the route which I know, the Northern line to Chiang Mai, there is some very good permanent way, which allows comparatively high speed running (80 Kmph or so). There are other bits about which I am less enthusiastic.
  7. Looking at the way that the "chief" in the middle is holding his script, it would take him a couple of minutes to find his "distance glasses" before he would be able to react!
  8. Facing Point Lock (FPL) not engaged? They are supposed to be interlocked with the track circuits if a train is approaching or on them. However if the track circuit has failed then you can break a glass cover and release the track circuit by pushing a button adjacent to the lever frame (SRT mainly uses British made Westinghouse systems). If you have released the track circuit due to such a failure, you are supposed to physically clip the point in position, before allowing the train over it at reduced speed. If you don't bother doing that, you risk the point blades moving under the train, one bogie goes one way, the other goes the other way, bump, thump, bump, and when the dust settles you have a locomotive with a serious earth fault! I could be wrong... There is nothing inherently unstable or unsafe about metre gauge railways, or the mechanical signalling systems SRT use, as long as the systems are properly maintained and the rules for when something fails are observed.
  9. The chap at the right rear of the line op looks a real lean, mean, steely eyed dealer of death though! Must have been first dibs at the dressing up box! If you are that worried about being recognised that you have to wear a balaclava under your tin hat, why not just stand a couple of paces off and avoid being in the photo? Presumably he is there to stop anyone from pinching these weapons - standing there like a figure 11 target rather guarantees that any would be thief will simply slot him before helping himself to the goodies.
  10. Yes I am English - from the South West , Somerset. I have no particular "down" on any other nationalities, either within the UK, Europe or Worldwide. I have lived in and travelled widely in Europe, North America and beyond. I speak ( perhaps idiosyncratically) French, German and some Thai. I think that I am reasonably thick skinned, and as I said I don't really subscribe to the views that one can stereotype national characteristics. As I said, in support of Transam, I am also bored, fed up, whatever other expression you think fits the bill, with the unfailing efforts of one particular poster to crayon over every topic and thread with his own particular dislike of the English. He made his views clear many moons ago; but like the Duracell bunny, he just goes on, and on, and on...
  11. Teenage daughter at home every day for 4 months whilst the schools were closed? I honestly don't believe that she understands that switches have an "off" setting as well as an "on" setting! I love her dearly, but sometimes...
  12. Transam makes a very good point. You do seem entirely unable, in any debate involving the UK, or more particularly England, and especially if you are arguing or commenting on the posts made by someone who is English, to resist indulging your somewhat stereotyped and often frankly offensive opinions on England and the English. I have for some time considered they you take a balanced approach to any topic involving the United Kingdom, England or the English. Balanced, as you appear to have a chip on both shoulders!
  13. As a rule, I am not a great one for generalising about national characteristics - just look at the awful mess the domestic political scene in the US has got into, partially at least because of such generalisations about race and nationality. However if we are going to make such sweeping assumptions as - "So Germans were known for centuries as the dreamers and thinkers" - for the last 150 years or so they have also been known, in Europe at least, for one or two other things!
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