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  1. .... and then you get to a restaurant and see the sign indicating foreigners "not welcome", not permitted access ..... Lol, this must be the real and unexplored "unseen Thailand". They have a long way to go to rediscover their long-lost sense of hospitality and genuine welcoming smile.
  2. Not true. Anecdotal evidence from walking around the streets and malls etc of Pattaya indicate that many, many white foreigners (I'd say about 70%) do not wear any mask whatsoever, and, when given a questioning cursory look/stare, react aggressively. They know exactly what the issue is, but they don't care. They walk straight into malls and hardware stores, not stopping for a temp check, signing in, and wearing no mask. Thai staff are reluctant to confront them. I followed one guy in, English, asked him why he wasn't wearing a mask, replied "it's at home". He was accompanied by a Thai girl. 99% of Thai customers and staff are masked. Hats off to their discipline and following their rules.
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