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  1. Expat Thailand Travel Media For Sale – Risen during Pandemic With Thailand’s tourism currently only servicing the domestic market, a leading local media in conjunction with the Tourism Authority of Thailand developed a new media platform. It launched in May 2020 and was designed to open up and develop a previously ignored section for local travel, the expat. The media was launched in conjunction with travel sponsors and a leading local media group to build a credible platform that did what it intended – get expats traveling domestically. The site is fully active with ne
  2. Ko Lipe: Finding quiet spots on one of Thailand's most popular islands Setting out from the Urak Lawoi-owned Gipsy Resort. Welcome to the fourth in a series of five posts covering the Butang (Adang) archipelago in the far southwest of Thailand. If you missed the first three posts, check out Ko Adang and Ko Rawi, and then learn about the indigenous people of Ko Lipe. Ko Lipe changed radically over the past 15 years, perhaps more than any other Thai island. In 2006, this four-square-km island had a total of 23 lodgings overlooking the marvelous beaches an
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