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  1. Sort of like being a desperate saddo sitting at home in England, buying girls in Soi 6 Pattaya bars shots so you can have video sex with them later.
  2. We are not allowed to even comment on the biggest story happening in Thailand in ten years, perhaps even bigger and more important than 2010 or before... And you want to chuck money at a condo here?
  3. Seems like the visa runners got the good deal here, perennial amnesty and extensions without ever having to leave. Retirees and others that fall between the cracks already having left or leaving got shafted. No wonder there is a lot of seethe here. The formerly smug retirees with visa and 'investments' in Thailand have just realised the folly of all their decisions while the chancer digital nomads in their 'ineligible for visa status' mid-30's hanging on by their fingertips living hand to mouth on 30 day stamps sit on the beach and benefit from all the recently availabl
  4. It was pretty obvious to me that in February that it could happen and that any travel overseas was going to be a risk. I went to Cambodia on business early March and I was well aware that there was a possibility that Thailand would close the borders.
  5. I wouldn't be complaining on here about having to jump through hoops to get back to Thailand during a global pandemic, that's for sure. I don't see what the guy's problem is, his mum is better and he's back in Thailand? End of. Seems like he's just having a whinge.
  6. I am assuming this won't apply to those who use Thai shell companies to illegally own land or to circumvent foreign owned condo limits?
  7. Cambodia has better food than Thailand? Better than Thailand? What is your criteria to measure that? Healthcare? No. Quality of life? No. Pollution? No. Cleanliness? No. More freedom of expression? No. Public transport? No. Infrastructure? No. Thailand beats Cambodia on nearly every criteria with few exceptions and I am speaking as someone who loves the country and have been over 100 times since 1998!
  8. The US, Australians and Thais supported the Khmer Rouge at the UN as the legitimate government of Cambodia even after the Vietnamese invaded and exposed the genocide. They then supported and financed the Khmer Rouge in a guerrilla war against the Vietnamese that was largely conducted along and from within the Thai border. Pol Pot was safeguarded in a house in Trat province protected by Thai special forces. Not to mention the American Secret War, carpet bombing of Cambodian territory and the puppet Lon Nol dictatorship which was installed and propped up by th
  9. From what I hear he'll be the next PM and you can take that to the bank.
  10. It's the usual band of coup supporters that don't want any sort of democracy in Thailand. You see, they believe Thai people are not able to make decisions for themselves and a strongman should rule with an iron fist over them. Evidence the odious remarks all over this thread. You would think they would have some humility after being proven so completely and utterly wrong about the coup. Embarrassing themselves now. But no, they are still on here with their Thaksin obsession, bold as brass, still brainwashed by Sondhi's lunatic conspiracy theory nonsense.
  11. To counter that argument, the Yellow Shirt airport takeovers in 2008 meant that absolutely nobody could travel internationally, in or out, and they cost the country billions in lost revenue. Much like a mini COVID. Nobody ever properly punished for that debacle and the army stood idly by at the time because they were being devisive. Then there was that time they tried to start a war with Cambodia over a Khmer Hindu temple and got a dozen people killed in the process.
  12. A quick straw poll amongst the 200 workers at one of my factories in Chonburi suggests the opposite to be the case. Almost to a man (or woman) they said foreigners should not be allowed entry to Thailand at this time.
  13. It has been clear for many years they don't want and don't value these groups of foreigners and they don't want them here permanently. Instead of asking the Thais to change, those looking for more security in retirement should be looking elsewhere IMO. Giving permanent residency to non-tax payers, those that do not speak the language and those persons not interested in integrating into the local culture probably won't happen I'm afraid. But this is a good thing as it limits the amount of immigration to Thailand which is the entire point. The very same peo
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