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  1. Only in their own minds. The US regards them as having been invaded and as part of the Japanese Empire.
  2. Like I stated before it is common knowledge amongst the Bangkok expat community. I have been a Bangkok expat since 1990, so I knew several of the owners and 'investors' personally and can confirm they used their bars to launder money stolen from British and Aussie pensioners through boiler rooms. You'll have to do your own research to find out the names.
  3. Many of the big bars on Sukhumvit were bought with boiler room money. It's common knowledge.
  4. A similar fate will no doubt await those scammers on Koh Phangan who just stole over $3m from investors in their cryptocurrency project.
  5. If it is mandated by the WHO to cover COVID-19 then all 196 signatory countries to the International Health Regulations (IHR) will have to accept it. Only mandates Yellow Fever at the moment though, and they are working on a digital version but it would be prudent to hold both a soft and hard copy I would have thought.
  6. Thai Red Cross, Lumphini, Bangkok. Avoid the private hospitals, they will charge you an absolute fortune.
  7. The International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis (ICVP), also known as the Carte Jaune or Yellow Card, is an official vaccination record created by the World Health Organization (WHO). As a travel document, it is a kind of 'medical passport' that is recognised internationally and may be required for entry to certain countries where there are increased health risks for travellers. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Certificate_of_Vaccination_or_Prophylaxis
  8. I was merely stating the book is available from there if required, wasn't suggesting or directing people to go and get one. He's talking about giving the yellow book to all Thais upon vaccination which will demonstrate they have been vaccinated and will be proof that should enable international travel to countries where a COVID-19 vaccination is required. He is not talking about allowing vaccinated foreigners in, although you could infer that if they are issuing these yellow books to Thais, foreigners will require some sort of proof of vaccination to enter Thailand to
  9. I have travelled using the very same yellow book to countries where it is mandatory to show it on entry.
  10. Unworkable in places like West Africa, where the technology is not available, hence the strict requirement to show the yellow book on arrival. Why would you go to the trouble of trying to fake the book when it is easily available and costs next to nothing?
  11. You might be talking about people outside of Thailand but the article specifically states, "The passport is officially titled "International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis" and has parts in English to facilitate international travel. Every Thai who has been vaccinated will get one. " Pretty clear he is talking about Thais travelling internationally not the other way round.
  12. Most gogo dancers are single mothers well over 21 years old. They do wear school uniforms sometimes though. Was that what you were getting at? I've endured more hardships in my life than these kids ever will.
  13. Why are they bothering to upgrade NST airport? The only real use for it was the Chevron helicopter hangar and that will be completely closed in a few months.
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