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  1. Stop moaning and get PR and citizenship if you want the same rights as a local. Get a proper job, pay taxes for three years and apply. Stay a further five years and apply to become a Thai citizen. If you are too old or too stupid to do it you're s*** outta luck.
  2. Hope he's got the required funds to get in to Cambo. Not cheap at the moment and costs could easily escalate if there's an infected person on your flight.
  3. Thailand is now COVID free, last thing we want is another outbreak caused by unregulated visitors that results in another lockdown, culminating in total disaster for the health system and the Thai economy. The medicine is not nice but it has to be taken unfortunately.
  4. For anyone that may be interested, as a passenger, I drove a Thai train to Kanchanaburi back in 2001. I went to take a photo of the driver, he sat me down in his seat and let me drive the thing for about five minutes. There must have been 200 people on that train, maybe more. I've got a non-digital photo of me looking very shocked sitting on the controls as this train hurtles along at 80km/h.
  5. Yep. Remember this? https://thethaiger.com/news/north-east/magic-cards-contain-dangerous-radioactive-materials
  6. And it is always returned to the rightful owner, without exception.
  7. Of course you had a choice not to go to work. It was obvious since the end of Feb that the borders might close and the Thai Centre for Disease Control issued regular updates.
  8. 70% of clever Thais oppose International tourism. Do they think the country's money grows on trees?
  9. It's all kicking off now on social media. Don't think there's been so much hatred and disdain for a Thai administration or Thailand in general since I arrived here 31 years ago. Tourism will never recover if they continue like this. Wholesale changes needed.
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