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  1. Can we just move on from evidence based policy discussions I think folk have quite enough of 'experts' .
  2. Ban him now and take the flak - they are rich enough to lawyer it out. Trump signed up to terms and conditions when came on the platform. With big shot lawyers they would win or at least draw it out for ever. Show him the limits of his power. He can then go and moan on some Hallmark type channel to a handful of his acolytes. I'm sure Alex Jones would give him pride of place.
  3. Ann Coulter is now flaming Trump on Twitter ! "Utterly typical. Big tough talk on Twitter. No action."
  4. They should kick him off for repeated violations of the terms of use. Trump wouldn't last a week here before being banned for life. Good.
  5. No justice , no peace. Trump and his proxies seem determined to put petrol on the fire. God help America.
  6. Campbell is a loathsome creature along with his ex-boss and should have been locked up years ago. But what have those links top do with the topic in question the equally loathsome Cumming's even though so far he hasn't managed to do as much damage as that pair did. Arguably he opened the floodgates of political advisers being more important than mere elected politicians. Now moving on where is Johnson's world beating track and trace system that he promised by Monday knocked up at great cost by one of Cumming's relatives when there is an odd the peg one available from Apple/Google ?
  7. Including He Must Go lead article in the Speccie. Who knew lefties wielded so much power. That was B liar's mantra about Iraq. True lefties want him to carry on - getting rid of him might appear that Johnson is in charge - let them dig their own holes or ditches to die in.
  8. China knows how to keep social order maybe Trump can call President Xi to see how it's done !
  9. Nearly 50,000 dead unofficially in the Uk and just more than 50 in Thailand. I think they mean brace for student/civil unrest.
  10. Steve Baker and Peter Bone have turned. Brexit but not Cummings. Because that loathsome creature is nearly as bad as these video ads. Nearly though but not quite. The only people who can unseat Johnson is himself if he jumps or Tory Mps if he is pushed. Like a cat he gets 9 lives - he used one with his reckless herd immunity , one by getting the virus itself and another 2 by exposing his vulnerability and deference to Cummings and another when Cummings was revealed as a borderline idiot savant charlatan. He has betrayed every employer and partner he has ever had and Tory mps are stating to get the true picture of the bluff buffoon swept by the vicious tides of a global pandemic. There is a chill wind blowing that will unseat the most resolute and noble of leaders of which Johnson is certainly not one of them. He gets to survive this one but with a couple of lives less - when the time comes like a much mightier and far more substantial Maggie before him, the knives will be wielded with ruthless efficiency by a party who have tired of the narcissistic, lazy indolent buffoon. The joke will have finally worn thin and the crew would rather chuck the drunken captain overboard than go down with him. He will get to retire on 'health grounds'. Hopefully sooner rather than later for the sake of the nation. Hear that sound ? The knives are being sharpened as we s
  11. What does I am in blood stepped in so far that should I wade no more returning were as tedious as go o'er mean? Going forward, in other words, would be as difficult, as "tedious", as going back. The metaphor, of course, represents Macbeth's crimes: and rather than stop committing crimes (presumably, for fear of damnation) Macbeth says that he might as well continue to commit them. One is as pointless ("tedious") as the other.
  12. "I am in blood Stepped in so far that should I wade no more. Returning were as tedious as go o'er."
  13. Turns out lying badly was on the job description that Boris wrote - are we absolutely sure Dom only has the one kid ?
  14. And then we have a 'genius' who alters his blog retrospectively to try and make himself look like a genius. How stupid is that ! And from someone who claims to be a digital genius to boot. He gamed social media in the brief window when anyone with a bit of savvy could have done it , and err that's it and Johnson has nailed his flag to this pile of preposterous piffle. https://fullfact.org/health/cummings-blog-coronavirus/
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