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  1. Hi All, Hope that you will be able to off information or advice for the situation that I have. My father passed away unexpectedly at the start of this month and had been living in Thailand for a number of years. We were not close at the end, so I was informed when the foreign and commonwealth here in the UK tracked me down as his next of kin. We have arranged the funeral and this has all taken place now. What I would like to know is information about his estate, and how to tidy things up. This is not about money, but making sure everything is correctly closed off. He would not have had much, so we are talking about his personal items that were in his rented condo, and whatever funds were in bank(s). I don't know if he had a Thai will, and if he did, I don't know if he had a Thai Girlfriend that may have been left things. The funeral director has said they were not allowed to remove any personal items from the condo, as the landlord wants to claim for damages. So they have not been able to see if there was a will somewhere in the condo. I have contacted a number of law firms in Thailand that were listed on the UK government website, and they have all come back with the same, that we would need to spend a lot of money and time to go to court to make me the executor of the estate to then be in a position to close accounts / authorise the sale of his possessions. Given the amounts that the law firms were quoting all of that would most likely not cover what it would cost to make me the executor. I have also heard from the law firms that if I do not go through the process of becoming the executor, then the personal items will go to the state. So the questions. Do you know if there is any liability passed on to us, his family, to sort out his estate? We have not agreed or counter signed anything as we were not asked to. The landlord is wanting to claim for damages, again, would we be liable for them when we haven't agreed to be a guarantor. Finally, if we do not go forward, and the state take hold of the possession, but find a Thai will, would the instructions of the will come into effect, or would the state just keep everything. Appreciate that this is a long shot, but as I have not been able to get these answers from anyone else so far I thought I would ask. Many thanks
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