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  1. https://www.scb.co.th/en/personal-banking/deposits/savings-account/easy-saving-account.html P.S. Google is your friend.
  2. It’s described exactly like a passbook savings account, but without the passbook. AFAIK, you can withdraw from the bank tellers or via certain ATMs and the app. (Apparently you can’t insert a link or a url here or I would do that.)
  3. Thanks. I think I’ll try to find someone at an SCB branch who can tell me whether an e-statement can be sent out every month. Who knows I might even find someone at SCB who’s dealt with this issue previously.
  4. SCB Bank offers an account called an "EZ Savings Account". The account earns an interest rate of 1.5% which is very good. However, this type of account has no physical passbook. You access account info online or through a phone app. I believe you get or can request a monthly statement (need to confirm that). With no physical passbook I worry that Immigration would not accept this kind of an account. Does anyone have any real life experience?
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