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  1. That would just mean having to pay rent for a few more years , although you may get a cheaper property, if the property prices crash
  2. I reckon that the Captain knew about the stowaways , may even have been paid by them . He wasnt able to sail them ashore , so they thought of a clever devious plan . You pretend to be hijackers and the SBS will come out and rescue us and you and you will be taken to the UK where you can plead your case in Court ,
  3. History doesnt repeat itself though , you cannot predict the future exchange rates going by the pasts exchange rates , its n0t a circle
  4. How many heads would have to get chopped off before you show any kind of resentment? These are not lone wolf isolated incidents , as numerous people were involved in the teachers beheading
  5. Yes, yes, yes, finally my turn : That'll be a 500 Baht fine and a Wai
  6. A bit envious really, I would like one with my GF, but, she doesnt want one
  7. Wandeleted . Thats double not allowed
  8. Extremely poor Ref tonight , gave two penalties that were very harsh and also gave numerous fouls, when they were blatant dives
  9. I dont think that anyone could answer with any certainty , the hotel should send your PP details to immigration and they may notice the overstay and come and arrest you................or they might not . Its a risk that I would avoid taking
  10. 130 Countries who have cooperates with Israel, all seem quite happy with the greenhouses
  11. Still waiting for you to post photo's of all those 15 shops open , the shops you stated were open . Please dont accuse me of lying or stating things that are incorrect , when its you who is doing that
  12. Are you still pretending that all the shops are open, CM is full of people and everything's back to normal and you will threaten legal action against anyone who says its not ?
  13. OK but next time theres a terror attack in the West, just dont say that its our fault for interfering in the Middle East
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