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  1. Yeah, but if Thais dont like felangs , they will ave to go back and sleep on the floor and not have hot showers and give their car back to the dealership
  2. Some of us are neither married or retired , so having money in the bank is a moot point . We wasnt talking about any particular person begging on the streets of either UK or Thailand, Andrew was saying how generous the UK welfare system was and I was just pointing out that anyone returning to the UK wont be given a free house or even accommodation , we wasnt talking about any particular person . Thats what happened when you dont read all the thread and you just open the last page
  3. This survey was in regards to the Corvid virus , not about foreigners as a stand alone point . This is not Thais "being clever" , its Thais saying its too early to allow foreigners back into Thailand because many other Countries do not have the virus under control .
  4. I wasnt talking about retirees though , I was talking about some of us under the retirement age that have a significant income . If eating boiled rice without chicken is the bar you set , that says more about yourself than other more affluent people
  5. Its not a question about income . 40 Baht a meal x 3 per day x's 30 days . You do the maths
  6. No there isnt , unless you you have children you wont even get a look in Even if you do have children , you will have to go on a waiting list , which could be for years
  7. I was kind of like making a joke, hence the smiley face . But seriously , how long do the tests take and how longs the flight time ? Test all passengers before they board a flight and the test results should be known by the time they arrive
  8. You did misunderstand me yes . The misunderstanding arose when you wrote "The Thai government has not ordered foreigners to stay until 31 July." What I posted was that the Thai Gov said that we CAN stay until 31 July and I didnt say that we HAVE to stay until then .
  9. I didnt say that the Thai Government ordered foreigners to stay until 31 July
  10. Again, completely out of touch . A single person will NOT get any social housing at all . If you have Children to take care of , the Council will put you in a room in a dingy hostel and you will stay there for years , even if you have four kids in tow , the Council will put you in an emergency two bedroomed accommodation whilst you wait on the list for Council accommodation to be available . a single person will get no help at all . If you have nowhere to live, you cannot apply for benefits and you cannot even go and see a Doctor if you have no address .
  11. You are way out of touch with reality of life in the UK . Landlords these days not only ask for references , they also require to see proof of income , a guarantor ( a person who earns enough money and is willing to pay the rent, should there be a default in rental payments)and some also require six months rent in advance
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