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  1. Very good points I suppose it depends as well on the nature of the deaths. Blood clot? Car accident? Even without proof it can still be speculated that death by clot is suspicious compared with death by car, since we know that blood clots are a rare side effect.
  2. Sure, there are better investments than the SP500. I was using that to illustrate a point that even that far beats the property market. I get it - I bought a house for my kid too. I just kinda wish I had waited 5 years or so (and invested elsewhere) then I could have bought a few houses if I'd wanted too.
  3. Okay....thanks, I guess Wow, wouldn't I just love to be able to own an asset that increases less than 5% a year at best, and is virtually impossible to sell.....ooh...sign me up! If they would stop building so much, I'd consider it an investment. And Thailand ain't gonna see the growth over the next 10 years as it did over the last. Why would I buy a Thai property now when I could just buy the S&P500 and in 10 years I will be able to buy 3 of them instead? That's the way it would have worked if you had invested in the S&P
  4. I thought being named "Mia Farang" was the worst thing, but hey...
  5. What about big paving slabs, would that work?
  6. I just looked at flights and there was no mention of covid testing or quarantine. Maybe they don't tell you.
  7. Let's see... Thailand: 1300 deaths. UK: 130,000 deaths. Thailand: most are respectful enough to wear masks. UK: we'll mock people wearing masks Thailand: not very many pear-shaped women UK: pear-shaped is the best it gets; pie-shaped is the norm. You may have to elaborate but I am missing your point.
  8. Are there quarantines at the moment for traveling between provinces? Let's say, I fly (or bus or train) from Bangkok to Chiang Mai or Ubon Ratchathani - would I have to stay there for 14 days before returning? I have some urgent visa business in another province, but can't stay there for two weeks due to work commitments in Bangkok.
  9. Hello, We have quite a big area of weeds, maybe 20m by 15m. We can't have a lawn and cutting the weeds is a pain. Looking for low maintenance ground cover. We don't fancy concrete as it is "a garden". Stones would be ok, but I think we would need a plastic layer first to prevent weeds getting through. Any other suggestions/ideas?
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