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  1. The threat of revolution getting very real Must try something to win but the people Too little too late bro ... they forget interpol can be corrupt too if enough reward Good Luck Thailand
  2. Your girl friend here 2 weeks ago in Quarantine? How What flights go to Thailand from where? In Australia International flights will be maybe a year away All dreaming Aussies come to Thailand Too much <deleted> anyway Still dreaming Thailand sorry I for one will just have to wait to see my wife without all the garbage and cost to try come now Even if there where flights from Australia which there are not Maybe military or Cargo in a dog crate ..lol Good Luck Thailand
  3. What is wrong with this Gov?? Dont they care about the normal people with no jobs no food many not well off at this time Sooner they are Outed the better for Thailand That money how Sell Thailand to China only option Or start sell drugs like North Korea Good Luck Thailand
  4. Sorry same old stuff to say to justify huge salaries from the same ministers Dream on time will tell your just dreaming Good Luck Thailand
  5. Actually 1 death in 100 days is not worth the economic hardship How many roads deaths in last 100 days 5,000 Really is a joke But this virus can kill that is the underlying worry In some countries has had over 5000 dead in a day So beware thinking 1 deathj mean nothing If this virus takes hold in Thailand with all the slummy areas low health areas and poor garbage control general filth in areas all over Thailand from what I have seen Then God help you ...So it is wise to worry and keep up the control until a vacine is found Good Luck Thailand
  6. Very Sad I hope they find a vacine soon but worry will normal Thaia,s even get it I am sure like the tests they will have to pay for it and by then many will not be able to afford it Perhaps world health will give for free MMMM maybe but those in power will still want to charge for it I am sure Good Luck Thailand
  7. The more I read about Thailand the less I would ever want to live there ( totally ruined by the idiots who control and run it !!! ) Soon as I can my wife will sell her Condo I bought for her and she wants to live in Australia ( Only 24 million in whole counrty) Who would blame her ( Beautiful people mostly....free medical ...free Social Security ....Low cost housing for the lower income ) Australia is like living in heaven compared to Thailand sorry but it is very true (ref to QLD) where I live (Speak English too ...lol ) Our north is as beautiful as any place in Thailand mate a lot bigger and a lot cleaner and a hell of a lot better and private Good Luck Thailand
  8. Obviously to live in Thailand you must be rich to be any interest to Thai Gov here Not worth it Many countries offer much more than Thailand mate Good Luck Thailand
  9. Time to give up Thailand 1200???... last year was millions your are just trying to justify your huge pay checks with such dribble You will be lucky to get 1200 anyway Too much money to visit Thailand now Not worth the effect inconvenience and hassel anymore Good Luck Thailand
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