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  1. Hmmm... I would like to think that you are correct but... Covid-19 is the 6th pandemic in the past 100; and this is the first time governments have responded in such an extreme manner. Thusly causing a global economic disaster. As far as returning to “normal” governments all over the globe are trying to redefine what “new-normal” is going to look like... damn this is depressing. Good luck to us all! 2019 covid-19 2009-10 Swine Flu H1N1 1981-present HIV/AIDS 1968-70 Hong Kong Flu H3N2 1957-58 Asian Flu H2N2 1918-19 Spanish flu H1N1 https://en.m
  2. Yes, several countries have opened up, a few never closed, but no flights means, might as well be closed. With that said restrictions are varied, and most of the time depends upon the country you’re traveling from... In all Thailand is more restrictive than most, but that’s pretty consistent with SE Asia.
  3. Not so easy; currently in the USA they require the application and all related documents including confirmation of flight and quarantine accommodations 15-days prior to flight. Gathering the documents takes 2-3 weeks. The only flights available are Thai repatriation flights, and are only showing flights through the end of October, and mostly full. Simple stated, today it’s not logistically possible to apply for the visa because of the timeline requirements imposed by Thailand. Possible solutions; would be posting available flights further in advance, or allowing flight date to be changed a
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