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  1. I am surprised the police had treated her so gently. She has inferiority complex of her body image. See, she was dressed to how her body curves but suddenly realized nobody looking at her because she is grossly overweight she became furious. The police would have been effective if he just shouted at her for being big fat ugly girl, that's her weak point. Hearing that she would stop everything.
  2. Mr FritsSikkink, you are right in many sense of the word. Yeah, we often repeat our mistakes over and over sometimes completely unaware of it. We may even thought we have changed. So do contemplate on what FritSikkink said. How do you treat women in your home country? Do you have problems with relationship with them?
  3. "WOW! that man with the doll and his butt showing, really never seen anything like this in my 60 years of life I must say" I think he actually went swimming and couldn't find the life-buoy in his home so he just took the doll and use it as a life buoy- ah well, it will save his life if an undercurrent pull him out to the ocean wouldn't it?
  4. Me too, from the description of the battle, with father and son involved unbelievable isn't it? Just one old lady and so many people had to beat her? Dogs deserve more love than an old lady. When you see an old lady walking the dog , kick the old lady and kiss the dog.
  5. Hello there, yes, you (elkski) your advice seem the most sensible one on this topic. But calling people a badly beaten and abused dog is not a nice thing to do.
  6. You didn't explain why all these banging ? Do banging enlighten him and he could then know which girl to date and which to avoid? Just asking.
  7. Hello, hello, you treat the whole thing like buying a car. You have specifications etc., In real life, things are not like that you know. A woman is not a car or a movable property. You need luck to meet good ladies and how your relationship with them is not always predictable. The higher your expectation the bigger your disappointment when it doesn't work out. You need to have a good heart, a sincere heart and an understanding of human psychology. Good luck to you , hope your journey of marital bliss is a smooth one.
  8. My sympathy is with these poor uneducated thais. Do you think they really wanted to do that? They just don't know how to deal with their problems. The faults also because the government not doing enough to help them. Their education system is not what you have in developed western nations you know. Otherwise it is unlikely to end up like this.
  9. I am asking Colin . Am I not ? Your reply is uncalled for. Please....
  10. Why were you threatened with being shot if I may ask, and of all the people the police. You should know better you are living in a Police State- can't you pretend you respect them when dealing with them? The working class thais are the ones that suffer the most in this country. The hideous super rich and the military make sure no bread crumbs drop on to the floor so that the working class could pick them up. To say the super rich and military are hideous is an understatement. The working class doesn't even get to pick up bread crumbs to feed their children don't you sympathize with them? Compare with Malaysia and Singapore Thailand working class is really suffering, I don't know about Cambodia, Vietnam or the Philippines because I have never been there. Every time tourists pay tax at airport where do the money goes to? To help the poor? Some general wives go to Singapore for shopping and also get their hair done. That's high class, all thais should aspire to do so. In school the national anthem is played and children are drilled to obey the state, it's a bit like Italy during Mussolini time, not that I was there to witness, I had seen documentary of mussolini era.
  11. If you live in this country you should love Thailand warts and all.
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