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  1. I have no stake in the MSG argument, some people swear its detrimental to their personal health, I personally don't seem to suffer any side effects from its use but I know not all human bodies are the same. Just important for new retirees to Thailand to understand that ordering a 'customized' meal in Thailand is much harder than it is in the West. From my experiences at least, the chef is gonna do what he wants using the ingredients that he always uses. Even ordering a curry without cow milk and trying to get coconut milk used has mixed success, whether its the waitress screwing it up or th
  2. Can you imagine the sheer number of Chinese 'investors' buying up the country overnight? If they allow that, Thailand is finished.
  3. I feel like Thai people use MSG as freely as they use salt and sugar in their foods. It's just super natural for them to enhance the flavor of the food and they think nothing of it. I would advise anyone newly retired to Thailand to learn to start cooking at home more often if you have MSG intolerances. I feel like it is in practically everything from night market food all the way to chain mall restaurants. Tough country to be in for food allergies.
  4. My wife's first job in her youth was at a MK restaurant. She said everything comes pre-packaged in bags for the soup, powders and all. She is skeptical they are telling the truth about the 'No MSG' clause in their advertising. No one knows for sure in the restaurants, just at the production facilities. Take that for what you will.
  5. We installed one here from Amazon. The water pressure will make you launch off and it can be quite cold, but its still superior to going raw with TP. I find that bidets, while warm and comfortable, don't have the cleaning power of pressure washing your rear with the fire hose bum gun. YMMV.
  6. I did not use a law firm in Thailand, but I'd recommend just doing it yourself if you can, it is super easy and will save you a lot of money. I don't really understand why people hire lawyers for K1, it is a very basic set of forms that is black and white as to what to put in the boxes. Anyways, sorry I don't have a contact for you, just thought I'd mention my experience with it was really not bad at all. Good luck.
  7. I suppose. Just seems like a town basically established around tourism is suffering to a highly visible degree.
  8. Pattaya is going to take years to recover from this, if ever. Really a sad state of affairs.
  9. Starting to look like things are 'progressing' backwards instead of forwards in Thailand. This will not be good for Samui's struggling businesses.
  10. I will be taking SS at 62 if it's still around when I get to that age, regardless if it is the most financially savvy thing to do or not. I don't expect my quality of life will be very great beyond that age. Limited mobility and the added potential for health problems are likely. I don't like the idea of waiting for money owed to me, just to get terminally ill before being able to claim it at all. I'd rather use the money to enjoy my remaining active years on the planet before becoming too old to travel or move freely from place to place.
  11. Now that's funny. Average age of the women 30's & 40's, average age of the men 60's & 70's. Udon feels like the retirement center of Thailand. Nothing wrong with that, just gotta know what you're getting yourself into.
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