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  1. I mean, we all knew it was going to happen. It was just a matter of how soon. This whole situation just paved the way for the shift to happen sooner.
  2. I'd be careful handling the situation whichever path you choose. There were a pair of squatters occupying some land in Chiang Mai we were looking at. They were threatening violence (under copious influence of lao khao) to whoever purchased the property. While there are many good willed and intentioned Thai people out there, there are others with nothing to lose that will kill for 100 baht or if you make them lose face somehow. Just keep it in mind when you get them removed, however you do it.
  3. I'd think it would be easier to meet people online, but harder to connect in a traditional manner as the OP is having issues finding activities to do with the closures.
  4. Unwillingness to start over again perhaps? Not sure mate, but it is a bad time to try dating again in the current situation.
  5. If you have ever had a Thai girlfriend or wife you would know how important food is to them. Halfway through their 4th meal of the day they are already planning the 5th and 6th. It's pretty impressive.
  6. Wouldn't that be something. Drugging those in quarantine to keep them sedated!
  7. I suspect you're not far off. Pattaya will likely become a Bangkokian weekend destination if they redevelop it towards Thai interests.
  8. They'll eventually reopen, how long will she be staying with you?
  9. There is no way Pattaya will ever come back the same way it was before. There were far too many bar complexes that sat empty even before covid hit. Chinese and Indian tourists were way up, Western tourists were way down. High season was becoming progressively less busy as every year passed as a result of this. The Chinese tourists in particular were already driving change to cater to their interests, due to the large volume of them coming in and out every day. As a seaside 'resort' town, Pattaya will continue to exist going into the future, but it's going to look a lot differ
  10. You know her better than we do. What does she enjoy doing? Is she a Facebook zombie? If she enjoys cooking, generally eating and then planning the next meal is of critical importance to a Thai woman. Go out in the evenings to shop for the things you need to cook that days meals. Maybe introduce her to your hobbies and see if she has any interest in the things you do, if not just find some common ground or make going to Lumpini Park to exercise a thing. P.S. She is probably worried you're staying alone so that you don't find another woman
  11. I wouldn't say I'm a naysayer. I actually participated in crypto a few years back. There is definite value in the future of blockchain technology. I just think the volatility behind the perceived value of these 'coins' is a huge detriment to its eventual acceptance into society. Furthermore, I think it is way too easy for people to create random alt coins with absolutely no purpose or value (see Beer Coin above) that cheapens the overall public perception of crypto as an acceptable digital currency.
  12. It is very reminiscent of a few years ago when the initial 'crash' happened and all the alt coins plummeted in value. When grandma calls asking how to refinance her house to buy bitcoin, you know the end of the bubble is near.
  13. It's always incredibly fascinating to me that such a wide variety of people are able to retire to Thailand (even on the same island) and yet have radically different budgets and pension levels. As we can see from the poll data, the island lifestyle is capable of supporting both those working with a lesser budget and those with a surplus budget. I would suggest as KhunPer stated that it really depends on what sort of housing you end up in as one of the biggest determining factors so far. Simple units can be found for 15,000 baht/mo and villas all the up to 70,000 and beyond, it really does m
  14. Toyota Fortuner would be my choice, but it looks like your wife is after a different caliber of prestige.
  15. Fair enough. Do you feel like you're getting a good bang for your buck living on Samui with the 70,000? Have you lived in any other city in Thailand or did you go straight to Samui? I totally understand there are a lot of variables, but that's half the fun of these threads, is seeing how others live and how different budget levels play into their daily lives. Really enjoying the comments, thank you everyone for participating.
  16. Also very true. Just taking a survey of the land and seeing how the Samui guys choose to live. Personally I prefer a good mix of both Thai and Farang food though!
  17. Absolutely excellent post KhunPer and very detailed. Will be very helpful to those curious about Samui COL, including myself.
  18. While it is often asked "How much do you need to retire in Thailand?", I thought I would pose the question a bit differently for those of you who are living on Samui. How much (on average) would you say your lifestyle commands per month living on Samui? Realizing the costs of some items may be higher due to the fact it is an island, do you feel as if you are paying a significant amount more than you would in another place like Chiang Mai or Hua Hin? While I would say a fairly common consensus for a comfortable lifestyle in mainland Thailand is $1,500-$2,500
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