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  1. Might want to go visit Hua Hin to see if it is still in your interest. It has experienced quite a bit of farang oriented closures since the pandemic hit and continues to get worse as businesses continue to give up on international arrivals coming anytime soon.
  2. When the worst thing to complain about is the relocation of products within a Makro, you know life is pretty good
  3. Waiting on the news article... "Phuket sandbox variant detected, full island lockdown just two weeks after tourist trials open."
  4. My wife and I go back and forth on this, too. I think Vietnamese food for me inches out Thai food due to the French influence of the fresh breads, spices, and varied use of herbs. Thai food seems more focused on the use of chilis and heat to really amp up the meal, which is great in its own right too. Definitely a close one!
  5. True in the cities, absolutely obnoxious. Outside of the cities, not too bad.
  6. Food. Customer Service. Hospitality. Variety of natural landscapes (and taken care of far better). Honesty & no dual pricing. I'd even go as far to say they may even be nicer/friendlier than most of the Thais these days. My wife is Thai but neither she nor I are blind to the benefits of Vietnam. We both would like to go back after covid is 'over', we both immensely enjoyed it.
  7. As we are all aware, these two areas in particular have been hit pretty hard from the lack of tourist arrivals. Many businesses have been closed for quite a while now. My question is, how do you think these areas might change going forward? Do you think business owners will attempt to just pick up where they left off or will there be a significant turnover to new businesses catering more to Chinese nationals or otherwise? I still believe Samui and Phuket will do pretty well with Westerners wanting to escape to a warmer climate for brief periods of time, however I really don't th
  8. While it is often asked "How much do you need to retire in Thailand?", I thought I would pose the question a bit differently for those of you who are living on Samui. How much (on average) would you say your lifestyle commands per month living on Samui? Realizing the costs of some items may be higher due to the fact it is an island, do you feel as if you are paying a significant amount more than you would in another place like Chiang Mai or Hua Hin? While I would say a fairly common consensus for a comfortable lifestyle in mainland Thailand is $1,500-$2,500
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