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  1. Yes I am not a Trump supporter I listen to real doctors and scientists
  2. Yes most elderly people die now but the younger ones will have a lifelong problem with blood cloths in most organs and will die as well in a few years. And they are passing on the virus now to the elderly.
  3. How many drinks did you have?
  4. it is just the production not ownership.
  5. Top Ten Car Producers In The World: 1950 - 2020
  6. Try smoking pot and then drive in Australia you end up with a big fine and lose your license for a number of months and loss of demerit points.
  7. They did not lock down the whole city like they do in Thailand you still can move around they just restricted moving from other cities, get a life. Just look at the situation in Australia the states who are closed their borders to other states are virtual free from covid-19. We don't even wears masks in WA.
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