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  1. why kill something who eats mosquitos?
  2. https://www.9news.com.au/national/mouse-plague-central-west-new-south-wales-farmers-calling-for-help/1e74427f-4735-4e7f-97ec-dca4a5163925
  3. Well I am not an anti vaccer I do get my flu shot every year but I will wait for the covid shot
  4. Here you go The COVID-19 vaccine is free for everyone in Australia. Vaccination providers cannot charge you for the COVID-19 vaccine or your appointments to receive the vaccine.5 May 2021 So much for complaining about your called nanny states
  5. *Deleted post edited out* India has never been in complete lock down they even kept their border to Nepal open look what happen to Nepal now
  6. Why always compare to traffic fatalities that does not affect people not living in Thailand but bringing the virus into my country affects me use your brain
  7. I am in WA now nobody wears a mask we only did for 3 days and we have no local transmission at all
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