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  1. Different in Australia you will be notified by the agent or landlord 2 weeks prior to inspection. If you are not home at that time they can use their master key to gain entrance. Inspections are every 3 months. Yes they have cases like this ones in a blue moon but mostly when owners are to tight to use agents and don't check up regularly them self's.
  2. Tell this the USA but then again The USA is a banana republic
  3. Read this With too many prisoners, inmates can find themselves stuffed into packed cells with no beds and squat toilets with no enclosures for privacy. ... The prisons have medical clinics, but at one Bangkok prison inmates say they are treated by “two-minute doctors” because they rush through the medical checks
  4. I also like to point out I never had a hangover all my life no matter how much I drink I can polish off 4 liters of red wine at night time and I feel OK in the morning.
  5. The hangover factor is high with Leo and it seems to have overtaken Chang as the beer mostly likely to bite back in the morning. https://whatsonsukhumvit.com/thailands-beer-what-are-you-drinking/
  6. Where did I mentioned it is a maximum security prison cell? I just compared it to a prison cell in Thailand.
  7. Yes I live in Western Australia we had no public infection for 8 months why should I go in quarantine for 2 weeks
  8. Have you ever seen the inside of the Thai prison cells? 20 or more sleeping on the concrete floor.
  9. Just another article I read today Donald Trump refuses to defer executions to Biden administration https://www.news.com.au/world/north-america/us-politics/donald-trump-refuses-to-defer-executions-to-biden-administration/news-story/c6dc85043f7e2a29d02c43a3659ac6b0 When will it stop?
  10. It all depends which country, get jailed for life in most western countries is just a holiday of course life in Thailand would be hell. Typical cell in Australia as pictured below
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