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  1. I am sorry but I often find it strange that someone who is not an American would find so much fault with an organization in a Country that is not his own. Again, I find it strange. Now if the poster had a reason, for example they have NRA chapters in their own Country and they do not like specifically what they are doing - well then I understand the reasoning. But how is it that an organization that does not affect someone's life in any way at all causes them so much concern? Or why would the 2nd Amendment of the USA be of such concern to a non-American. I just do not get it. You are more then welcome to explain your reasoning to me. There must be a reason. You are under no obligation to explain your motivations, but you DO have motivations. That is a truth for sure.
  2. Actually McConnell didn't pull anything off. Obama, in his last year got the opportunity to pick a justice. Which he did, but the Senate was controlled by the Republican party. McConnell new full well they were not going to vote to put a liberal justice on the court. For this reason he refused to allow a vote to take place. Why? Because that would have demanded a full dog N pony show of a confirmation hearing, and he thought the Senate had better things to do then waste its time on a hearing that was only going to result in a NO Vote. Why did this bother Democrats? Because they would have wanted that whole show as a vote getting tool in the upcoming election. That was all it was about for them nothing more. How can I say that for sure? Because even the Democrats know that the GOP led congress was not going to confirm one of their nominations in a lame duck session. It's grandstanding that's all. If the tables were turned right now, the Democrats would be doing the exact same thing as the GOP right now. There constituents would never allow otherwise. The party in power in the Senate is the GOP - that is simply the way it is. And what happen is the way it has always happened 17 times in the previous years of US history. Only 3 times did it go the other way. As for supposed dying wish of RBG. She simply hoped to live beyond the Trump Presidency. On the other hand, she wanted to step down should Clinton would have won. Pretty much explains everything.
  3. Actually, my post regarding Australia and the Communist party of China are a direct response to the poster who claimed exactly that he did not like what he perceived to be right wing policy aimed at China. you can go back and read the posts. I was talking directly on specifics. You should go back and read what those specifics were.
  4. What is your objection to the NRA? How does the NRA affect you?
  5. Yep, what Roe V Wade did was take the power away from the States and somehow try to make abortion a right. Personally, I do not think that any Justice is going to overturn Roe. They may place restrictions upon it, and narrow the scope, but not outright overturn the case. Of course, the Democrats, rely on creating a fear of this, and the GOP its part loves to point out the reason that Roe is a travesty. Never the less, before Roe these Supreme court nominees were not as polarizing as now in my opinion. Roe should not have been handled through the Courts. In the same way that the GOP has argued in the past for a Constitutional Amendment against abortion, the Democrats should have attempted the same thing to create the right to an abortion. The Courts have no business in such a matter . The obvious difficulty for either side to pass such an amendment shows clearly that the topic is polarizing. The court should not have jumped into the middle of the argument.
  6. Exactly how long do you think anyone has been trying to take guns from American citizens? I think this is a relatively new phenomenon. It began to my recollection, when the Democrats began to understand that the NRA once admired by both parties was filled with lots of conservatives. The NRA was once simply thought of as a organization that provided gun safety classes. That is what they still are.
  7. Tell me sir, precisely what line of what I said is a conspiracy theory? Diversified supply chain? Diversified export? Building up Naval forces against a Chinese threat? That is what I said - now let's stop playing games here . Which of those three is a conspiracy theory. The windows and doors are now closed. Nowhere to run. Answer the question.
  8. For more Paleo-conservatism see https://buchanan.org/blog/ We do not support an interventionist foreign policy that leads to conflict for starters. In this way we differ from the Clinton-Bush years of two headed coin neo-liberal/neo-conservative policy consensus which was destroyed by Donald Trump taking office. They are still trying to get back into power by the way. It never goes well. You are on the wrong side of the fence man. You may think you support peace but no greater war mongers in American history came out of the neo-conservatives/Neo-liberal two headed coin. Get with the program!
  9. Everything you just said sir is absolutely false. The constitution is very detailed when it was meant to be. Very clear. And this is one of those cases. If people seem to want to change it, the constitution even has a method for that through the amendment process. The Constitution is the highest law of the land. The President of the USA is currently doing exactly what the Constitution demands. Again, there is zero truth to your statement and the Constitution is proof of that. What is irresponsible and a threat to the Republic are those who seem to want to change things outside of the Constitutional means to do so. I have had enough of people laying claim about what the Constitution was not meant to do. As an American I believe that the Constitution protects our Republic from the tyranny of the majority just as it was designed to do. A Republic if we can keep it!
  10. No I don't think so. So now we get to the heart of it. You are against rhetoric or policy that is aimed at the Communist party of China. That would mean you are against a diversified supply chain in Australia that moves away from China? And a diversified export base as well? As well as you oppose a Australian Naval build up to counter potential Chinese threat? Do you consider these things right wing? And I think it is very important to get the truth out as to what really is driving so much of the anti-Trump rhetoric here from Non-American sources, and now it seems we have. You see to argue so continuously against the American President describing him in some hateful tone - hides what you have been hiding - which is what evidently is really driving you - this is why I often ask people where they are from. It's not that I object to the hatred of America or the American President but when people hide their motivations we are not getting the full story are we. And yes - this is as much about you as it is about Trump because its quite insane really to object so forcefully to politics in a country other then your own UNLESS you have reason. So thank you for finally letting the cat out of the bag. It is your objection to policy against the Chinese Communist party of China.
  11. OK so rather then speaking in such broad and general terms regarding conservatism etc... what US policy affecting Australia are you opposed to or wish to prevent? Can you speak specifically? What are we talking about here really?
  12. You were never taught to have respect for your elders? As for life expectancy of that group - yes at age 62 I perhaps have less years to live then you do. But everyone dies kid. And everyone spends their life learning. I am well aware of the history of Mask wearing in the USA as was put forward by the CDC and the Surgeon general and Fauci. I am well aware of the changes in how this was put out. I am well aware of the downsides of lockdowns or lack of lockdowns and understand that like all things in life everything is a tradeoff. I am well aware of the morbidity rates of this virus. I am also aware of the population it affects the most. Why would you think that someone older then you knows less then you? It's a rather strange and presumptive way to think.
  13. And now as you have decided to use Judaism and quote from the Bible, I do not know of any Jewish sect that currently stones anyone to death for either adultery, or homosexuality. It would be wise to perhaps do a cursory study of Judaism and its major branches to gain an understanding of Judaism before going to wikipedia and using old testament bible verses. I want you to know that this gives the appearance that you have not even the most rudimentary of understanding of any of the major world religions. You would have to hunt for the most ultra-orthodox of sects which would number at a maximum in the hundreds isolated somewhere to find such a rigid adherence to the Torah in the application of punishments. Shame on you for thinking otherwise.
  14. It does not violate any rules nor is it the fastest process in the history of the Country, not even in recent history. It's not wrong. Here I will prove it to you with a short statement: The seat will be filled and it will not be stopped via any legal means. Despite what you or anyone else says about the process being somehow wrong. Bank on that. All threats to the Republic of packing the court or doing away with the EC or having 16 year olds or illegals vote, or voting by unsolicited ballot etc, none of that is going to happen now or ever.
  15. The process is demanded by the Constitution of the USA. The President is to pick a Justice, and guess what he has the Party in power in the Senate. They now have a job to do. In 2016 the President who made the pick unfortunately did not have control of the Senate so he did not get to have his pick confirmed BY THE SENATE! We do not have majority rule in the USA. We call our form of Government a Republic. What do you call yours? Does it differ from ours? Is it better? Which Country is that?
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