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  1. So let's say you have over 400k in the bank and you had it there years. Let's say you are on the birth certificate but nothing else and your on amnesty and you used all your 90 + 60 non O visa and extensions already and your staring down the barrel at the amnesty expiration date of 26/9. Do you think they could be lenient and give me a non O based on what we got? I am a handsome chap too if that helps and I have nice aftershave I could wear. Would it be taken lightly if I rocked up with a load of cakes for the immi staff?
  2. To be honest it sounded like the guy thought he needed to stump up 5% of 1.2B and then was told 5m so to me it sounds like a good deal. I bet that MP closes that deal sooner with someone else. All thanks to the free marketing sukky just gave him. 5m for a 1.2b deal and this guy don't know where to get the money!! Guy needs to be sacked for not knowing that.
  3. Ice cubes. Fizzy 1.5 LTR pop Fags including singles. Beer and whiskey Noodles Sweets lots of 1 to 5 baht options Cooking sauces and oils Toilet roll/ tissue Deodorant always a smelly <deleted> about in the villages. Cheap flip flops Gasoline 91 green stuff. Cold milk tea - Cha Thai Toothpaste
  4. Covid 19 buses not clean. You not allowed on anyway. Thigh only.
  5. That's a bit far fetched if that's it. The image is a bit naff too. This site has links to Samaritans just some Info which may be helpful.
  6. Seems people did not realise that this amnesty puts everyone in limbo and there is no fix. Get married get visa not happening if you on an amnesty. Got a kid and want a non O and on Amnesty, not happening. There is no precedent. The absolute best thing you can do is get your affairs in order so when it does return to normality and borders are open you can get your old style 90 day take another 60 and then get the 1 year. Or maybe that's now too risky and best to get a 1 year and forefeit 5 months. I have had to realise this recently, my 90+60 5 year affair is over and it's time to up the anti and get the 1 year job. Preparing the Mrs for a period of seperation these next months. Maybe it will come maybe not and we will get further amnesties but I am keeping a look out for possible relocations for a short wait it out period. Very open to hearing others plans b & c. Yes maybe the period will not be short so plan accordingly fellas. It's a rough ride.
  7. Netflix should focus on getting old flicks in more. The series content is being rushed. The one about serial killers and those two profiler detectives was great but massive wait for a 9 hour binge is unappealing.that navy street was mdly entertaining but Frank grillo is no leading man and certainly should not try to be Tony soprano.
  8. All you need to do is address it to your wife. Your name becomes an obstacle to the driver. Normal Thai name, no curiousity, no fear, just a standard delivery. But yes Lazada has become a pain of late.
  9. It's on a other level where I am based. We got 3 betting shops within a mile all of them are shops All say bet on window. One is a chain with another branch a couple of km away. The odd thing is we live very close to an army base. Always open but never see anyone go in.
  10. I've never seen them working so hard. Someone comes past our house everyday to steal some fruit outside the house. When those food cupboards were out people were moving quickly and stalking the moo bahn entrance.
  11. US tanked big time from 21st June. I'm not honouring any USD after the last two weeks.
  12. Come on now if you must say silly things it's ok to have laugh here right? I mean you must be laughing at yourself now. It's only a laugh, your reading me the riot act over lazada and you are wrong. Toughen the skin up it's only a laugh.
  13. Save her from corona and Western Union it to her you tight wad
  14. Yh that's lazadas own firm your right that's the difference these boys are pants. Chap saying it cannot be done. What planet is this Bangkok bimbo living on.
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