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  1. I'm guessing this is a discussion for women's scotland football team. Let's hope they are not as much of an embarrassment than the team that operates in the men's league.
  2. Terrific news, he can lead man city to where they belong in mediocreville and he can spend another 400 million and still never get near a CL final ever again.
  3. You forgot the triumph you had getting out your group in the champs league.
  4. Semantics sunny. Crappy 2 year extension contract whatever. Your man has given up and is simply out of his depth. He's never had a job as difficult and he's showing he ain't no messiah. Blatent overhype. Your welcome to him though he's no JK and Jose looks a stronger character too. No bounce back on your boy whatsoever. He's shallow, like your rubbish responses.
  5. You must be a bit of a shallow thinker then because it's all over the place, reports of increases in crime in resort areas. Who do you think is their number 1 target. Good luck sunny but that cracking deal may turn into more than you bargained for, Phuket too, what a bargain eh. Absolute mark is what you are sunny. (X)
  6. Oh, ok then so dare you with all your years of supporting experience and football nous care to explain why your top gun of a manager has been given a 2 year contract? Let's be clear, if it was Moyes there would be no question. A 2 year contract smacks of uncertainty on both sides. Enjoy your salt. Bb
  7. What a vote of no confidence on either side. The measly 2 year contract will not entice Messi who will be a flop in the prem anyway. 2 years of fake superlatives and maybe a quarter final in the champs league awaits. Hats off. Another rivals attempts scuppered. Sweet.
  8. Yep seen a small increase in crime where we are and we do not live in a touristic dependent area. Not concerned about theft from our home as we live in an extremely well connected community with plenty of lawmen and army guys who cherish where we live and look after each other. One does well to stay connected to all the groups associated with islands and parts of the south and it has been noted the discussions revolving round an increase in local petty crime has increased. So, one must be vigilant a little more this Christmas.
  9. Real concerned about the Christmas holiday this year. We live here but we need some time by a beach but me and the Mrs are concerned what it will be like at all the tourist reliant destinations when there will be virtually no tourists. Went away in June and saw a lot of devastation but 6 months of this <deleted>flu is gonna be a lot of desperation.
  10. Man City (H) winChelsea (A) lossArsenal (H) drawPalace (A) drawLiverpool (A)lossLeicester (H win 8 points Merry christmas
  11. Real interesting this thread. Discussing the footballers lives outside football. I support this idea for this thread. It's a lot more entertaining than the teams football.
  12. Great film with the same MO already. Called the Crew. Set in scouserville Great scene with a guy under a glass table.
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