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  1. Luckily when I built my house I was there and made sure every part of the electrical system was 3 wire earthed with a top quality RCD unit and only junction boxes, NO taped joints in the ceiling.
  2. Sorry all you doubters, the reality is this, when you check-in at any airport for any flight you are added to the flight manifest, shortly before take-off the manifest is up loaded to a system which can be and IS accessed by arriving country's immigration and ground handlers. this information includes all you travel itinerary even down to the number of the container and position in the hold that your bag is located. I hope this clears up any confusion and puts an end to stupidity. ( I doubt that )
  3. Not new car sales, the insurance company's just fix the old ones put them back on a second hand car sales forecourt, then another idiot buy's them and has another accident because of poor driving ability and un-road worthy vehicles.
  4. Yellow Book, that a lot of people on here say is useless, plus a Pink I.D. card might not go a-miss. ( Things that may help)
  5. It was my understanding that ALL ministers of whatever level are Civil servants, so who is going to enforce anything on the enforcers.
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