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  1. hello, I found this post but it's closed: and about dogs. But I have read somewhere else that Pattaya city can spay and neuter cats and dogs for free for Thai ? Can you confirm ? Some people say that the job is not complete ? Can you explain ? I also searched this: https://www.avma.org/resources/pet-owners/petcare/spaying-and-neutering Hysterectomy: the uterus and part of the fallopian tubes are removed from a female dog or cat. This makes her unable to reproduce, but her ovaries remain and will produce hormones. This may not elimina
  2. hello, I have found this dtac unlimited data plan, promotion available until the end of the month. Do you know what 12call/AIS and True mobile have to offer ? I will keep looking and update if I can find. It seems that they have new promotions every 6 months or 12 months, maybe we could keep this thread open and update it when new offers are available ?
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