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  1. what about changing flights for a long trip? quarantine and expenses, it could be very cost and abusive, stressful and risk. the best option is to stay where you are and do whatever you have to do to be safe.
  2. seriously, what a load of <deleted> I am reading here, did mom and pop teach you to be a good sheep and believe and blindly trust the system? I am out for good.
  3. yeah yeah a special vaccine for the elites. whatever, my answer still no.
  4. live well with your vaccines, no thanks for me, anyone trying to inject me with garbage will feel how sharp is my tanto.
  5. I mean the deceased from covid. if Sheryl is part of the mainstream she will be little to no help.
  6. here in transnistria we do not have basements.
  7. soon or later all bubbles will burst, the system is rigged from top to bottom (almost, not everyone in the bottom are corrupted) the Cabal is just the minority and they will fall. vaccines are dangerous substances, if you can't see that I will not be the one to open your eyes. About that autopsies, diverses kadavers were found with venous thrombosis, what a coincidence.
  8. I did ask, I am surprised with the answers, I just can't post it here, would be too much to take for some folks.
  9. I would proudly overstay and become a ghost in your scenario, the other option is death anyway. authorities will be surprised when the time comes, the man force will be small to stop everyone, see the civil war in the horizon. remarks: hypothetically speaking I am not breaking any laws saying that, then no need to rise an eyebrow mods.
  10. who says? mainstream media? ask why autopsy in the deceased is forbidden ? go figure.
  11. general question to everyone in this thread who are going to prove to you vaccines are safe? do you understand what TRUST means in the first place?
  12. and have sure it is from the same batch.
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