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  1. Prayut and Anutin while in Phuket should have a press conference as to why they chose AZ over Sinovac.....
  2. The 24 year old Thai women that died 2 days after a Sinovac jab, a few weeks back I read. There was to be an autopsy, was she sick prior to vaccination ? Have not read anything on that tragedy since, strange.....
  3. Too many unanswered questions, wait here a little longer........
  4. The list was left blank deliberately, its not known at this time. I found it bloody hilarious ! now you are updated....
  5. 600 baht ? try not to stress. My bank manager in my home country wired 3,000 USD to my ex gf rather than to my account in Bangkok. Slightly my error as well for not deleting her wire information. Anyway we were on good friendship terms so to speak, I asked her if she received 95,000 baht mistakenly. She said "oh dear, do you still love me ? She went her bank signed some papers and money was sent to my account, I tipped her 10,000 baht for her righteousness, I was lucky !!!! lol ( I would imagine if she kept the 95,000 baht, my bank manager overseas would need to pay up from her wire ERROR
  6. Off topic question - can you register yourself for covid vaccines at more than one private hospital ? Bumrungrad is accepting contact details now, Bangkok Hospital is not yet, not sure about others.. ( I'm sure there may be a memo in 2 weeks time stating you can only register at one private hospital, preferably the one you have history at ).
  7. They want 70% of residents in these 'favorite locations' areas vaccinated ASAP ? Better consider getting REAL vaccines here then or it ain't happening........
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