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  1. Thousand's shoulder to shoulder, good to see the turn out. It will also be interesting to see what may happen a week or two down the road regarding possible Covid cases increase. If there is, officials may look foolish - lack of local testing maybe and don't know where they actually stand on Covid. From what I have read over months everyone will be just fine ??
  2. Outstanding numbers !! Full blown open up commercial flights and all airlines, test prior to departure, test on arrival, no ASQ, if negative practice social distancing, if cannot social distance wear a mask, wash hands, enjoy your stay, end the hardship and get the smiles back! Dreaming I think.....
  3. Honduras looks interesting and inexpensive, Buenas Dias Gringo....
  4. And of course valid Non O yearly extension holders stuck abroad are not LONG STAYERS......5555
  5. It would be simple, their thought process is very shallow... they might see the retiree longstayers very soon. I eventually will be going to the Thai Embassy politely saying my valid Non O yearly extension is the same thing as the brilliant STV. I'll have a COE please.
  6. You've got a 6 month cushion on your visa yet, I've got 4 1/2. Maybe early in the new year quarantine at your rented or owned condo/apartment will be possible who knows but I doubt it. ASQ hotels !
  7. I do believe its ASQ quarantine hotel that you pay. Not going to change.
  8. I believe right now all SEA countries have huge hoops and red tape or closed completely. We may have a chance soon to return if they are deciding on this long stay tourist scheme unless you are expiring this month or next.
  9. Exactly, nobody will be coming with this top 10 countries idea. At most maybe the people in the top 5 countries with CV19 cases could be excluded, this long stay scheme has to involve all countries : test before departure - test on arrival - 14 day ASQ. this is more than sufficient.
  10. Well yes of course, the Non O yearly extension holders ( LONG STAY ) are still overlooked. They may want to wake up and have a look at some of our bank balances holding a million or several million plus baht. So possibly will we have to demote to LONG STAY tourist visa to return ? <deleted> ludicrous
  11. And ALL the 'legitimate' valid extension retirees abroad will not need this Premium Visa as we have the 800k + in the bank and can sustain ourselves in rented or owned condos, and of course travel around in hotels, assisting in Thailands tourism recovery. Agreed soon Thai Embassies abroad may request your latest bank statement, and you will need the decided amount, its ALWAYS about the CASH. I for one don't want to get the snow shovel out !
  12. Well I hope if needed, the Consolate may be flexible, hate the thought of waiting for a CV19 vaccine to return.
  13. Thanks ubonjoe, when my extension of stay expires and if still abroad, I guess obtaining another Non O here would be best option ?
  14. I'm sure most don't have any issues at all like yourself. I do believe an agent makes the process more smooth for a few dollars more, even if one has all his documents in order and required funds.
  15. Sadly all IO prefer to see you there with an agent. You are there alone trying to wrap up another year for 1900 - 5000 baht chances are it may go wrong......
  16. The purchase of 2 submarines were cancelled or postponed, use this extra money to get covid vaccine research help. And or buy 70 million doses when there is a vaccine developed..
  17. I assume there are thousands of foreigners world wide that meet the 'listed categories' still trying to enter. When this depletes, will the Non O retirees be listed for entry ? Surely before the 7, 30, 60 day tourists ?
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