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  1. Interesting point. Do you have any examples of where Thailand has been sold out to China?
  2. I'd be interested to know where this data comes from. The hundreds of land department offices around the county? Is this based on purchase of a new unit or transfer, or both? What if a foreigner sells to another foreigner is that counted too? In 2020, there were approx 633k condo units in Bangkok TOTAL (data from Knight Frank). In Pattaya, over the last 10 years, an average of 7-8,000 condo sales a year of which 30% were foreigners (Knight Frank, again). I think the numbers that they are talking are BS. WAAAY over estimated. They might be talking square metres.
  3. It depends how you look at it. If you are looking for a home to live in and want to offset the cost of the property against not having to pay rent, then there is nothing wrong in owning.
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