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  1. Don't be daft. All these cases in the USA are done on no win, no fee basis. The lawyer would have been in for maybe 40% of the winnings. That's the way they work.
  2. I just received a letter from the Department of the Interior (I've already picked up my naturalisation certificate) telling me that I should complete the process within 60 days. I am taking that to mean complete everything, including returning the old books.
  3. I picked up my naturalization certificate this week from Police HQ, photos were taken with the Sarawat and myself certificate in hand and he told me to be a good citizen and uphold the law etc. I walked a few minutes to Siam station, went the the ticket counter and asked to change my Rabbit card to a Senior card. The ticket office apologized that this was for Thai citizens only. I pulled out my oversized naturalization certificate from the envelope I was carrying, she took one glace at it, and within minutes I was in possession of a Senior Rabbit card with 50% discount for the BTS. Benefit #1 for me! The Khet have me booked for two weeks to go through the paperwork as they are only handling one person a day for naturalization. All good. I should have TAbien Baan, ID card and passport completed by the end of the year as well as returning PR/Work Permit/Police Book/ Immigrant VIsa cancellation.
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