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  1. Good Afternoon! Long time lurker, first time poster. Firstly, I just want to say thank you to so many for the great information and discussion on this site. The number of times I've needed help with visa issues, travel, or news, this site has had the answers for me. I'm an American citizen and have been in Thailand living with my Thai wife since October, and not looking forward or wanting to return to the US anytime soon. I know I may not have many options, if any, and I know there is much speculation about future, but hopefully some of you may have some ideas or advice. Information rundown: Entered Thailand on tourist visa: Nov 22, extended to Feb Holiday in Laos, entered Thailand with tourist visa: Feb 26, extended to May 25 Married in May Now on amnesty I know that due to the amnesty things are hazy and I'm technically on overstay, but is it possible to get a further 60 day extension to stay with my wife now that we are married? Another option we are weighing is getting an ed visa down in Samui. After receiving a tip, we contacted a school down there and after reviewing my passport they say it is possible without leaving the country. It will cost 14,900 for the online classes and 20,000 baht to be paid to immigration at time of applying for the visa, giving me a 9 month stay. This seems like an expensive and stressful option that we need to decide on asap as the process takes time, but it is an option. And lastly, is there anything an agent would be able to help with in our case? This is where we have no knowledge of how things work and what it would cost. My wife just got off the phone with Changwatta immigration and of course they were less than helpful, seemingly reciting replies. They told us they had no advice and to be patient as immigration officials had their first meeting today to decide the plan going forward, and that a second amnesty extension may be possible. Thank you in advance for any help and I wish you all the best
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