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  1. There are dozens of places to get these tests in bangkok. I used this place about a month ago. You can book online and they provide results in 24hr. Their prices are reasonable for Thailand. https://www.thaitravelclinic.com Personally, I think preflight tests will become the norm for several years because countries are worried about new variants, but I hope I'm wrong. You will have to ask the airline about the refund, every airline and ticket class is different.
  2. There is also the small problem that India's borders are closed to foreigners unless you meet one of a few special exceptions.
  3. No one really knows because China doesn't publish their full clinical trial data. All we have to go on is incomplete information from some of the countries already using it.
  4. Don't panic man. Thailand doesn't even allow home quarantine. If someone tests positive, they are immediately hospitalized.
  5. I don't know a place near there, but you had better hurry up and find a place and make a reservation for your test immediately. With the recent covid outbreak in BKK, lots of reports say covid tests are difficult to get right now.
  6. Mainly just a fear mongering article. The 3 US vaccines were at or near 100% effective at preventing severe disease for all variants. AZ was not good against the SA variant, and not much data is available for sinovac.
  7. Its based on science-- Projections from IHME which have been amazingly accurate throughout the pandemic. All three vaccines approved in the US are highly effective against all known variants.
  8. I'm doing the same. Returning next week. Virus transmission is already quite low in most states. There are just a few states making the national numbers look worse. The pandemic should be completely over in the US by June, and it will be a great summer for travel in the US.
  9. Good luck with that plan unless you are Singaporean. Singapore's borders are closed and almost certainly won't be opening to unvaccinated people for years.
  10. At the moment there is just no vaccine available for private hospitals to buy anyway. Other countries have already preordered the entire worlds supply for many months ahead. If they placed an order today, maybe it would arrive in Thailand by the end of the year.
  11. At this point about your only option overseas is to get this in your home country. Most everywhere is limiting vaccines to their own citizens or residents and that will probably continue for many months.
  12. They already have virtually every other possible vaccine available. It's one of the best places in Bangkok to get any vaccine. They have an entire building dedicated to administering vaccines. I got my yellow fever vaccine there. I'm sure they will have the covid vaccines when they become available, but they won't be free.
  13. In the last week, a couple of studies were released that showed the vaccines are effective for at least 6 months, so that may have made them drop the 90 day criteria. https://www.livescience.com/pfizer-vaccine-effective-six-months.html
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