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  1. Nobody should have booked anything non-refundable. They haven't even finalized or announced the details or requirements yet.
  2. They are talking about organizing special flights from Bangkok to Phuket for new international arrivals only. Passengers would be kept isolated from normal domestic passengers the entire time. Nothing confirmed yet. Best to wait and see what they announce when things are finalized.
  3. Maybe, but why not just wait 3-6 months until you can get one of the really effective mRNA vaccines that don't have the clotting issue either? Certainly that would be the lowest possible risk of getting a clot.
  4. Certainly true of the mRNA vaccines. But I have seen no evidence the vaccines thailand is using (sinovac and AZ) do much of anything to reduce transmission. Look at countries that have used them such as Chile or Maldives. Both approximately 50% vaccinated with sinovac and AZ respectively and have recently had some of the worlds highest covid case numbers per capita.
  5. But you have to figure that in Thailand you have a very low chance of actually catching covid. Almost certainly less than 1% of the population has had it. Take 1% times 1/20,000 and your chances of catching covid and getting a blood clot as a result are less than 1 in 2 million vs 1 in 100k for the vaccines.
  6. You can just search for flights on kayak.com, expedia, or whatever site you prefer and normally use to search for flights. They are still calling the flights "semi-commercial", but all that means is you need a COE to board the flight. Other than that there is no difference in searching for or booking flights. Flights are cheap and easy to find.
  7. You think the immigration officer in every country will understand that they are supposed to scan that QR code? Even if they try it, considering how crappy Thai government websites are, it will probably be only in Thai and not work 50% of the time. And they will do this for every passenger? All from a hundred different countries, with a hundred different certificates the officer has to try to understand and verify?
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