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  1. No, not the only country in the world. A few countries already have done it. Thailand will however be the only country in SE asia to force people out.
  2. The direct flight is only scheduled for monday, thursday and saturday. It flew all those days for the last week. You are complaining that this flight didn't fly on days it wasn't even scheduled. In your search you are showing, you searched on a friday. If you had chosen a day it is actually scheduled, you would have seen the direct flight available. This is from their website. I don't use any app.
  3. um, no. More ridiculous nonsense. Lufthansa 773 flew all of its last 5 scheduled flights. The next flight is tomorrow. It will fly. Cheap tickets are still available.
  4. The flight is still on their schedule and bookable. It will fly this sunday. The problem appears to be how you are doing your search. It looks like they are only allowing one way flights to be booked from bangkok now.
  5. This flight has not been cancelled. It has been flying reliably every sunday, and it is still scheduled for every sunday. Stop making stuff up.
  6. I think the problem is with your ticketing agent and they are just using covid as an excuse because they couldn't get the ticket at the price they quoted. The flight on sunday has not been cancelled, and it will certainly fly.
  7. They approved this new regulation today, so they need it for some reason. It may be so they can continue the current testing and quarantine on arrival process once the emergency decree is lifted.
  8. These flights you are sighting were canceled months ago. For example, I know there haven't been flights maldives for months and they were all cancelled months ago. Im pretty sure the same is true for many other destinations you list--bhutan, bangladesh.... There were not 3 flights to the philippines scheduled today. philippines airline has been flying reliably, but they only have 2-3 flights a month scheduled. For the japan and hongkong flights--I would bet they were cancelled months ago. too. Even pre-covid, there have never been direct flights to the USA from bkk. I doubt there were any from canada or south america either. 99% of the flights scheduled between now and the 26th will fly. There are lots of cheap (15-20k baht) flights available to all over Europe and the USA before the 26th.
  9. Infected after your test. Or more likely on the airplane. Since Thais don't need to be tested before flying, its quite common someone onboard would be infected.
  10. maybe they can use that for their medical evacuation flight back home.
  11. For me, 10 minutes, but that was a couple of weeks ago. Maybe they have lots of requests now and thats why they are slow.
  12. In my country, most everything is closed and people are just stuck at home. Malls, restaurants, bars all closed. It would be a lonely bleak winter if I returned home. I am also sad for the people suck in my country this winter.
  13. In the beginning, they allowed home quarantine for diplomats in Thailand, and it didn't work. Several infected people didn't follow the rules and went to public areas and caused a national panic. No chance they will ever allow it again--people simply can't be trusted. There will always be some idiot that ruins it for everyone.
  14. Agents only get to keep a small percent of that. Most goes to the IO.
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