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  1. Pfizer has already completed testing required for full FDA approval in the US and applied for approval. They should receive full approval in a matter of weeks. The other vaccine manufacturers will probably follow soon.
  2. Japan doesn't even require a negative covid test to transit. They won't ask for it there. However, you will very likely be asked for the test result in SFO as soon as you get off the plane, so keep it handy.
  3. The ones i've seen advertised in Thailand use a swab. Maybe someone else knows if there are any hospitals in thailand that just take a saliva sample.
  4. You seem to be confusing antigen tests and antibody tests. They are completely different. An antibody test is a blood test. An antigen test is not a blood test. It is a nasal and/or throat swab same as a pcr test.
  5. Thats the section about US citizens entering Thailand. Completely the wrong thing. The OP asked about entering the US.
  6. There are no blood tests for active covid. Covid is a respiratory virus and in almost all cases doesn't enter your blood, so there would be no way to use blood to detect it. There are blood tests for the antibodies your body produces to fight covid, but these won't be positive until a week or more after you've been infected and they are not acceptable for travel to the US.
  7. The link you quoted states the UK minimum standard: "The test must meet performance standards of ≥97% specificity, ≥80% sensitivity at viral loads above 100,000 copies/ml." Ask the hospital if their test meets that.
  8. Both pfizer and moderna developed special shipping containers that use dry ice to keep the vaccine cold. The vaccines can continue to be stored in the same containers after they arrive. The difficulty in storing these vaccines has been drastically over dramatized.
  9. That's your proof? How long would it take you to fake that with a computer printer and a pen?
  10. If departing from BKK to a destination that doesn't require a covid test: Singapore, Emirates, Korean, JAL, Qatar to name a few.
  11. I was expecting a similar sticker and really disappointed to get just the card with pfizer and the lot number hand written on it.
  12. I got pfizer in the US also, and didn't get any sticker. Neither did my relatives that got moderna. I think any sticker on the needle was prepared by the pharmacy or vaccination site and not an official sticker from pfizer. Pfizers vaccine comes in vials containing many doses and not individual needles.
  13. Have you seen the plain paper card that the CDC came up with as your evidence of being vaccinated? Anyone with a computer and printer could fake it in 5 minutes. I blame the CDC for not coming up with something a little difficult to fake. With the yellow fever vaccine I at least got an official sticker from the vaccine vial as proof.
  14. Land borders between the US and Mexico have been closed for a year due to covid and no one knows when they might reopen.
  15. Yah but Thailand hasn't actually ordered any moderna vaccine yet. And moderna has so many orders already that in recent deals with other countries, moderna won't deliver the vaccine until 2022.
  16. The vaccine produced in Thailand will be the Siam Biosciences version of the AZ vaccine, not the AZ produced vaccine that is being sold at cost. Thais will receive the vaccine for free, funded by tax dollars, but I'm sure Siam Biosciences will still make a massive profit.
  17. Most places will let you avoid local quarantine if you leave 14 quarantine and travel directly to your final destination. If her local official still insists on another quarantine, I would have her attempt to contact someone higher up at the province level and see if there is a province wide policy for her situation.
  18. That form will be given to you at check in by the airline, so there is no reason to worry about it in advance.
  19. Almost impossible vaccines will be available by June for the average expat to purchase. Year end is more realistic. Many flights back to the US are running near empty and everyone on the plane will have been recently tested. They are very low risk.
  20. Even 4th quarter is wildly optimistic. Everyone on the planet is trying to buy it, and Thailand is very late to place their order.
  21. Here is a complete list of every private hospital in the country offering vaccines:
  22. Many viruses that cause colds are spread primarily but surface contact. Rhinovirus is a well know example. Try a quick google search before spreading misinformation.
  23. Because they did not enter the country recently. Other articles have mentioned most were infected locally while worshiping together during Ramadan.
  24. I haven't seen any date given. They have just said it will be after they finish vaccinating their local population (which should be in about 2 months at the current rate). I would be interested in any link if you have one giving a more specific date.
  25. True, but he asked specifically about emirates, departing from BKK. As mentioned earlier, Emirates does not require any test if departing from Thailand.
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