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  1. We had two small dogs of our own initially, now we have three others, each being from neighbours houses that decided we offered a better cuisine and care, after my wife started giving them bits of food. The neighbours are quite happy. The three big ones are great watchdogs, they dont bite or attack motor bikes etc, but set up one hell of a noise if anyone tries to enter our yard. All five are happy to go for their walk with us each morning and evening, no leash required, they stay alongside us and play around.
  2. Gee, looks remarkably like my abode,, thats the second one I mean, I dont visit it too much.
  3. Im told Singapore Air departs BKK daily for Singapore. a few hours layover there, and if your travelling on to Perth. WA, its a change to Air Asia. Only 30 persons allowed per flight, cost well over A$3000 each.. Booking being accepted, but usually two to three months wait list. and 14 day compulsory quarantibe on arrival. No choice of hotel allowed. No alcohol or cigarettes allowed in any hotel, meals are basic, no menu provided. This from a mate who just did his time,,,,bloody hard labour he called it.
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